A Bountiful Bevy of Factory Floor Photos...and Aztecs!

A Bountiful Bevy of Factory Floor Photos...and Aztecs!

Fresh from the factory floor are some shots of the boxes for the next release: Late Roman Legionaries (1): Lorica Hamata and Iron-Core Eisenkern Panzerjagers. These two are shipping out of China and we will have them up for pre-order soon.

Also sent along were some sprue shots (sorry for the bad photo quality we'll get better ones and full sprue shots soon!):

Above we have the Goblin sprue along with the body/head sprue of the Cannon Fodder

Here's the back of that one

Here's the second Cannon Fodder sprue with arms, bits, and spacesuit helmet heads

Here is the main French sprue with all the WW1-specific parts

And here is the second sprue in the French box (x 5) with all the WW2-specific parts along with the Senagalese Tirailleurs parts.

These three sets are in the boxing stage and we hope to have them on the water in the next couple weeks! And there are several sets piled up in the queue right behind them.

And finally, Christian Lemmen has sent in a shot of his work-in-progress Aztecs. He has a few more to go on these and we'll have some final photos for the box. Coming later this year. 

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Tom - June 4, 2021

Cannot wait for the Cannon Fodder and WWI French boxes. The Gobbos and Panzerjäger are very interesting too. Will be a Expensive Summer for me.

Micah - June 4, 2021

Soooo excited for the Panzerjagers! I hope that pre-order goes up soon!

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