A New Set to Kick off A New Range!

A New Set to Kick off A New Range!

Today we kick off a major new range: Decline and Fall with the first set for the range WAALR001 Late Roman Legionaries (1): Lorica Hamata

This range will roughly cover the period from the crisis of the 3rd century through to the fall of the Western Empire and beyond. Some sets from our Blood Oaths range may be useful here as well. We will start with Romans in lorica hamata (mail) and will soon add Goths, Franks, and Army Builder sets for both the Romans and the Goths. 

The Army Builder sets will have 60 figures each at the same price as our other sets ($34.95/£25) and are designed to be used in combination with the main Roman and Goth boxes to provide all the command you need to build many full units using a combination of the boxes. 

This first box will let you build later Roman legionaries with command and lots of head and weapon options to cover a wide swath of history. These also make excellent superior warriors for your Goth, Hun, and other Germanic tribes. 

Take a closer look here and get yours now! 

This is the first of at least five new sets coming out this year for this range.

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Greg Huffa - July 17, 2021

Are we going to see Sassanids?

James - July 16, 2021

Mounted Huns, please! Been waiting for plastic Huns for years…

Cail - July 16, 2021

Wait “designed to be used in combination with the main Roman and Goth boxes” there will be “main Roman box”? Oh hell yea, I’m in!

Cail - July 16, 2021

Looking great! Will certainly try to pick a few of these up :)

Not to add to your work log but something I’ve noticed with ancient historical miniatures is a lack of Egyptian warriors, although the time period is different to this release, seeing a release of Egyptian warriors from the Hyksos period or Alexander or even Mark Antony era would be awesome!

Marc - July 16, 2021

Really looking forward to this range!
It would be perfect if LBM would do decals for these (or WA in general…) as the shields are quite big and lend themselves to nice artwork.

Matthias Kellermann - July 16, 2021

I was looking forward to these as the start of a new project. WA said that it would be out by the end of June – disappointing.

I have moved on to a different era instead.

Don’t make impossible to fulfil promises WA. It leads to annoyance.

Alex - July 16, 2021

Fantastic!!!!! I’ve been waiting for these for ages!!! I know what I’m spending my next pay check on…

Anthony Scott - July 15, 2021

I was determined not to buy any more figs this year.. But after buying a box of Irish earlier this year 3 boxes of Legionaries have been ordered

Rolf Tjeder - July 15, 2021

I look forward to all the sets in this new range. Would love to see some plastic Persians as well.

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