Boxer Rebellion Chinese Layout

Boxer Rebellion Chinese Layout

We're a few releases away from the Boxer Rebellion Chinese for our Imperial Conquests range. We wanted to show the sprue layout to give you an idea of what will be in the final set:

We'll have more to show in the coming weeks as we get closer to release. Release date and number of figures in the box are not finalized yet. Follow along here or on our Facebook page for more updates.

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Colin Upton - September 3, 2020

That section over the ironical labeled “made in China” those arms are quite widely spaced on what looks like a long wall gun… could it be a JJingal?

BIll Redford - September 3, 2020

This is a set I’m getting. Can’t wait!

JOhn PIttenger - September 3, 2020

YES!!!!!!! Please keep me informed!

Christopher Finn - September 3, 2020

Looks good!!

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