Conquistador Models and Size Comparisons

Conquistador Models and Size Comparisons

Andreas Heneborn has sent in some new shots of the Conquistador models up close along with a comparison shot with some models he had.

From Left to Right: Footsore Roman Civilian, Wargames Atlantic Conquistador, Artizan WW2 German, Wargames Foundry Roman, Wargames Atlantic Conquistador, Warlord Games metal Viking

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Will - May 28, 2021

These are great, I’ll be picking up a box of these on release.

Andy D - May 28, 2021

These look great. Any chance of a comparison with Raumjager or Grognards?

Matney - May 28, 2021

Lovely miniatures, looking forward to them.
I really like the painting style with these muted-down colours. Is there any chance that Christian could post a painting guide for these?

Graham Beattie - May 28, 2021

Fabulous. Exceeded my expectations. What is the anticipated release date?

Matthias Kellermann - May 28, 2021

They look good, very good.

I intend to use these figures in my Southern German “Wars of Religion” force.

Well done.

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