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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Conquistadors and Aztecs Oh My!

Conquistadors and Aztecs Oh My!

The tooling for the Conquistador sprues AND the Aztec sprue has finished! We have some higher resolution photos of the Conquistador sprues A and B below. You will get 4 of each of these in the box. 

Conquistador Sprue A - Front

Conquistador Sprue A - Back

Conquistador Sprue B - Front

Conquistador Spure B - Back


We also have shots of the Aztec sprue straight from the factory floor (hence the quality or lack thereof!) But this will at least give you an idea of what's on this sprue. You'll get five of these in the box. 


There are no release dates for these yet but we expect them to be boxed and shipping out to you in January. Once we have the boxes sorted and plastic running we will put them up for pre-order. 

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Axel - December 7, 2021

>: between 7 and 9cm?

8 cm is a good length for these pikeblocks, as 9 already looks a bit on the long side.
The pikes before 1500 were a bit shorter, but in the first decade the odd engagement was won by one side having slightly longer (“two ells” ~2 ft or 60cm) pikes, and all sides ended up with pikes around 5m, or 2.5 the size of an human, which can neatly be seen on contemporary images, starting with longer pikes for Ravenna, Guinegate or Pavia. I would always aim for units getting the optical results shown there.

That said, perhaps we can hope for a unit builder for the Spaniards with a sprue of six standind bodies with upright pikes (or helbards)?

Only the frontranks would have lowered pikes, and the 45° often seen on minis was rarely if ever used on the battlefield. Using contemporary depictions of real or allegorical battles (eg. Altdorfers Alexanderschlacht or the battle of Issos) shows some good samples.

BTW: Imho open hands would be best suited, as cast pikes are usually a bit on the thick side and drilling them out is work – you can always put pikes and helbards on the sprue, too, or on a seperate weapon sprue.
If you put in seperate heads the builder could perhaps also be used for French or Italian infantry, who wore different bears, haircut, berets and helmets.

David - December 7, 2021

They look great, the pikes are a bit short but nothing that can be replaced.

Great work!

Pierre Lerdou-Udoy - December 6, 2021

Hi Peter,

It would be difficult to respect the real dimensions of the true Spanish pikes.

According to the military regulations of the time, the pikes (picas) measured either 20 palms (c. 4,2m) or 26 palms (c. 5,2m) of Castilla. These measurements are given by a “maestre de campo” of the tercios in the 16th century, Sancho de Londoño (1515-1569)*.

That’s roughly 2 1/2 or 3 times the height of a man. At the scale of our (mini) soldiers : between 7 and 9cm?

*Discurso sobre forma de reducir la disciplina militar a mejor y antiguo estado (1568).

Y para la atenciòn de Alfonso, jinetes españoles tambièn estàn programados para una fecha aùn indeterminada. (Disculpe la direcciòn de los acentos, amigo).

Peter Harris - December 6, 2021

How long are the pikes? They look a bit on the short side to me, compared to Perry mercenaries, Warlord Games and Wargames miniatures which are about 70mm.

Ruud - December 5, 2021

I’d love to know how these models scale up against the perry war of the roses models. There is a lot of kitbashing potential.
Use the bows from the Perrys to make English archers (they used archers way up to the Elisabeth 1 period), and the pikes and halberds could see some use also.
Swiss mercenaries (head swaps) , late Italian mercenaries, and knights of malta/Rhodes (head swap with fully enclosed helmets).

Mike Anderson - December 4, 2021

Really great looking sculpts.
I’m hoping to use them as early privateers ( Francis Drake etc.) in New world v Spanish colonies. Can’t wait!

David Phillips - December 4, 2021

hmm if i have the funds when it releases I will need those crossbows

David Phillips - December 4, 2021

hmm if i have the funds when it releases I will need those crossbows

alfonso jou - December 4, 2021

pronto los necesito no se si aveis prebisto algunos a caballo

Benjamin MacConnell - December 4, 2021

Ditto about the Cities of Sigmar. Between the halberds, swords + shields, great swords, pikes, and crossbows, you’ve all of the Freeguild bases covered. Lovely set.

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