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FREE POSTAGE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD when you spend over $50USD/£35 Use the button at the bottom of the page to choose your local currency.


Heat 3: The Top 12! Voting Ends Friday at 4PM EST

Heat 3: The Top 12! Voting Ends Friday at 4PM EST

And here we are! After over 1400 submissions, tens of thousands of votes, and two Heats with a total of 10 Rounds we are down to the Top 12! (Originally we were going to do a Top 10, but with 4 Rounds in the last Heat we took the Top 3 from each)

The results follow what we know of wargaming trends in general (as depicted in the annual Great Wargaming Survey by WSS Magazine) and we've skewed heavily into sci-fi, some fantasy, and a smattering of historical (if moderns can be considered historical). 

We're excited to see what comes out on top! 12 of you have won a box of miniatures and we'll be reaching out to those winners over the next few days as we determine who was the first to submit the ideas. 

In the meantime,  get your votes in! We will leave voting open for a few days. Voting ends 4pm EST Friday May 7.


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Nikolas - May 5, 2021

The voting concept is quite good, but rather disappointed in the final options.
A suggestion for a future vote, would be to have options grouped into categories (sci-fi, fantasy, pre-modern historical, 20/21 century modern) and have them voted on separately until the last round.
Other suggestions would be to have a limited number of votes per round (5 per heat, etc) and not having repeated entries.
Also having one of your future votes/surveys limited to kits that don’t currently exist in plastic somewhere else, would probably be beneficial.

Zach - May 5, 2021

I wish more Historicals made it. I would love some WW1 Italians tho, also it would make me more inclined to pick up the WW1 Germans as well

david phillips - May 5, 2021

These sets look nice. I´m hoping for death fields pirates but they all seem like a good time just hope I got some expendable cash when this launches

Marco - May 5, 2021

It’s nice to see all the sci-fi options instead of boring historical ones from previous heats. Let’s go Space Pirates! ARRR.

Cesc - May 5, 2021

After voting such a great options (from my point of view, of course) it is quite sad to don’t know what to vote as I have 0 interest in all options…

Arrigo Velicogna - May 5, 2021

To be quite honest, after some great sets in the previous round this one was… underwhelming. Ended up voting for the less useless to me…

maybe, dividing these polls between historicals and the ‘garbage’ (completely subjective opinion of course) would be better…

BZ - May 5, 2021

The modular robot set is such a great idea, it has to be made!

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