Look Who's Deux!

Look Who's Deux!

Two years ago the Skeleton Warriors and Raumjäger Infantry sets went on pre-order. Thousands of orders later we've just released our 15th and 16th sets and have 14 more in the works! 


Here's a little preview of some of what's on the way. There may be a few other things too! 


Thank you all for your overwhelming support in our first two years! We look forward to many more to come! 

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Mellow Minis - March 26, 2021

A big congratulations Wargames Atlantic! I just wanted to say, I’ve purchased your Einherjar box for Grimdark Future (from One Page Rules) and I couldn’t be happier with them! Hope to get some painted up and on Instagram soon!

Look forward to your future releases! I give high praise to you guys on Twitch as often as I can! Much love!

Peter Martin - March 26, 2021

Interesting to see “1916-40” on the French set. The uniforms and helmets could do though both had changed by WW2. But you’d have to have Lebels and Chauchats for WW1 and MAS36 and 38s for 1940. Seems to generate lot of spare bits with limited other uses to me.

Stephen Wilson - March 26, 2021

Just noticed the 30 models on the box of cannon fodder….. Oh dear I guess I’m but these guys too

Red - March 26, 2021

Happy two years ya gits! Have a sausage on a bun and get yourself some favorite grog, even coffee!

David Reay - March 26, 2021

You have done a fine job so far ! Keep up the good work please.

The lockdown for Covid, has been pretty boring. Without your kits to play with it would have been much worse!

Adam Stomberg - March 26, 2021

Man, these look great! the French look like they could make great death kops conversions!

jack gaylord - March 25, 2021

Here’s to many more years and many more purchases ,happy birthday.

Chris Sartin - March 25, 2021

Happy birthday, keep up the awesome work!!

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