New Set Announcement: Early 20th Century Japanese!

New Set Announcement: Early 20th Century Japanese!

We're excited to announce a new set that's about to go into file prep: Japanese! 

This is a very versatile set that will be part of our Imperial Conquests range as it can be used for the Boxer Rebellion, the Russo-Japanese War, and...with a slight squint...WW1. 

(The main difference in the uniform for WW1 was that they mostly wore puttees instead of the gaiters shown on these figures although gaiters were still in use)

These are going to file prep. No release date yet but keep an eye on the Release Schedule page.

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Don Willy - February 11, 2022

I’d prefer to see them in great coats.

peter griffith - February 11, 2022

not sure if this will work. We could use Japanese and US army and marines. New Guinea and Manila city still needs to be fought

Christopher - February 11, 2022

Excellent looking set.

Miss off the blanket rolls or supply optional parts for them, and the conversion possibilities for this set would increase enormously.

Peter - February 11, 2022

Last Samurai relight anyone? Just need a 15 mm Samurai to play Tom Cruise!

Y. Whateley - February 11, 2022

Fantastic! I agree with Marian – I really appreciate the early 20th century and interwar models, along with everything else that goes off the beaten track!

Wargames Atlantic - February 11, 2022

Don – greatcoat and blanket.

Don - February 11, 2022

Double blanket rolls? !!!

Giuseppe - February 11, 2022

i need this set now!

Daniel Rucker - February 11, 2022

Hell yeah, exciting stuff. A friend and I were planning on doing some boxer rebellion & Russo-Japanese games, so this is welcome news!

Marian - February 11, 2022

Nice one. I like this early 20th century and intwer war modells.
Finally a company that do some really good plastickits be side the mainstream.

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