New Set Announcement: Napoleon's Women Camp Followers!

New Set Announcement: Napoleon's Women Camp Followers!

Inspired by Osprey's recently released book by Terry Crowdy and Christa Hook, we would like to announce today WAANW000 Napoleon's Women Camp Followers. 

This 48 figure set will give you everything you need to build a veritable army of camp followers including the vivandieres, cantinieres, laundresses, wives, mothers, lovers, their children, pets, and farm animals along with the necessary equipment and supplies to do their jobs. 

We have just today started on this set so it will be some time before it arrives. Possibly not until next April 1st. But here is a preview of the first sculpt to tide you over. 

Sculpted by Thieu Duong 

While you wait pick up a box or three of our existing Napoleonic sets: 

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Dave Gibbs - April 2, 2021

And to follow up: the Spanish Guerrillas male & female to go with the Rifles set?

David Edgington - April 2, 2021

I realize this started out as an April Fool’s Day thing. Clearly, though, there is some interest..
Do we really need an entire box of Napoleonic French camp followers, though? Or, to put it another way, could the set be designed so one or two figures could easily become the mid to late 1800s vivandiere Cigarette from Ouida’s novel Under Two Flags? Or suitable for other eras? The more flexible, the better.

Y. Whateley - April 2, 2021

I’m with the others – this does sound like it would be a fun set for kit-bashing, and for all sorts of general-purpose non-combatant uses. That style of costume is “generic” enough to be handwaved into a variety of settings besides the Napoleonic Wars, with fantasy RPG “townsfolk” NPCs and unarmored PCs (rogues, spellcasters, and the like) being one of the broadest uses,.. to my untrained eye, they wouldn’t look far out of place anywhere through a couple centuries of historical eras from the Renaissance to the late Victorian era, at least.

And the kitbasher in me is running through all the possibilities in mixing in some leftover bits from other Wargames Atlantic kits – pikes, guns, etc. Even the bottle and keg from that render suggest possibilities to the fantasy role-player in me as potions! (With that render alone, one gamer’s camp follower is another gamer’s witch, alchemist, or healer….)

Keep tossing these wild ideas/pranks out there for April Fool’s Day – this one, I think, is a hit! :)

Mark O - April 2, 2021

Would totally buy this, could be done so as to be used for general poorly armed peasants as well as campfollowers/civilians.

Daniel T Lillis - April 2, 2021

If this was true Oh my God what an Idea camp followers, maybe you could do some Ancients common people, or say surfs from the Dark ages or generic people to fill in any time of say late Rome to late Medieval period, even some slaves for Rome or Greece even Egypt, Farm works for Vikings to rad and pillage, but alas this is only a pipe dream, thanks though great Idea any ways.

Philip waldron - April 2, 2021

I will follow the follers

Lorenz Köcher - April 2, 2021

I would love to have this set, This would be so good for vignettes and Characters for Sharpe Practice

Daniel - April 2, 2021

I would totally buy this though. No joke!
Especially the many kit bashing options.
Followers would be great for so many eras!

I would buy it as a 3-5 box set option

Jon Gwinnett - April 2, 2021

Another vote for making this real, I would definitely buy a set.

Robert Worden - April 2, 2021

You devils!
I actually wish this was a real set – I could have used them for Frostgrave, Oathmark, and other townsfolk characters, conversion and objective purposes…
Any chance of a test sprue?! :)

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