New Set Announcement: Napoleon's Women Camp Followers!

New Set Announcement: Napoleon's Women Camp Followers!

Inspired by Osprey's recently released book by Terry Crowdy and Christa Hook, we would like to announce today WAANW000 Napoleon's Women Camp Followers. 

This 48 figure set will give you everything you need to build a veritable army of camp followers including the vivandieres, cantinieres, laundresses, wives, mothers, lovers, their children, pets, and farm animals along with the necessary equipment and supplies to do their jobs. 

We have just today started on this set so it will be some time before it arrives. Possibly not until next April 1st. But here is a preview of the first sculpt to tide you over. 

Sculpted by Thieu Duong 

While you wait pick up a box or three of our existing Napoleonic sets: 

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William Redford - April 2, 2021

Not gonna lie. Figured it was an April fools joke, but would totally have bought this set. Plastic females that look female and aren’t dressed like porn stars… yes please. Shame, I was kind of hopeful. Maybe someday

Brandon Chamberlain - April 2, 2021

Too bad this is an April Fool joke as I would definitely ordered at least one box!

Rob - April 2, 2021

I would love to see this set realised. Non armed models, non combatants are vastly outnumbered if they are to be found at all. Maybe intended as an April’s fool joke, would love to get my hands on this kit if you would decide to take into production.

James - April 2, 2021

though this is a April fools, like everyone else I’d buy this
aside it being neat think of the kit-bashes

Witch Hunter Shadowlord - April 2, 2021

If this is real these would make good whf peasants for the Empire

Shaun Gooch - April 1, 2021

Nice try.!!!

Next year announce a set of pacifist suicide bombers, who are scared of loud noises and big surprises.

Keep up the good work and produce Crimean War British Grenadier Guards! Please!!!

But, before that, we need to see the fantastic Shadowkesh realised in all their glory. That is one set I’d buy many multiples off. Been waiting a very long time to see them brought to life.

David - April 1, 2021

Make it a reality and you have a customer!

Jonatan Tuvstedt - April 1, 2021

This looks really cool, shame it’s april fools

Adam Carriere - April 1, 2021

I hope this April Fools joke becomes a real product

Doruk - April 1, 2021

I know you meant this as an April Fools joke but I think having these camp women as an actual plastic kit would be a great idea. If I didn’t fill it out already I would put the Napoleonic Women’s Camp in for the Follow Along contest.

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