New Set Announcement: Napoleon's Women Camp Followers!

New Set Announcement: Napoleon's Women Camp Followers!

Inspired by Osprey's recently released book by Terry Crowdy and Christa Hook, we would like to announce today WAANW000 Napoleon's Women Camp Followers. 

This 48 figure set will give you everything you need to build a veritable army of camp followers including the vivandieres, cantinieres, laundresses, wives, mothers, lovers, their children, pets, and farm animals along with the necessary equipment and supplies to do their jobs. 

We have just today started on this set so it will be some time before it arrives. Possibly not until next April 1st. But here is a preview of the first sculpt to tide you over. 

Sculpted by Thieu Duong 

While you wait pick up a box or three of our existing Napoleonic sets: 

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Doruk - April 1, 2021

I know you meant this as an April Fools joke but I think having these camp women as an actual plastic kit would be a great idea.

ANDERW LAWTON - April 1, 2021

what a shame this would have been excellent for Camp objective markers, fleeing civilians, even for conversion with guns a settlers for french Indian wars settlers, and frankly would have shown some real imagination, especially if the set had contained both mslr an female sculpts, Buthers, Blacksmiths, Farriers,etc etc :)

Iain - April 1, 2021

If this wasn’t an April fool they would definitely be on my shopping list but why stop with Napoleonic camp followers ? Think of the conversation possibilities!

Rick, the Grumpy Gnome - April 1, 2021

I am genuinely disappointed that this is an April Fools joke. Multi-part plastic kits are rapidly becoming one of my favorite parts of the hobby for the freedom of kitbashing and converting. Getting more civilian sculpts with diversity of appearance would be brilliant. I was so excited when I read the headline…. sigh. What a shame. If I had not already submitted Ottoman Janissaries as my recommendation in the contest yesterday I would have just now submitted Napoleonic Camp Followers!

Jesko - April 1, 2021

I would actually buy that set.

Jess - April 1, 2021

I suspect this is an April Fool. If you do produce this I’ll take two boxes though.

Mr Steven Clark - April 1, 2021

April Fools!!!

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