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New WW2 Set: Panzer Lehr!

New WW2 Set: Panzer Lehr!

The second set in our World Ablaze WW2 range can now be revealed: Panzer Lehr! 

Work-in-Progress Artwork by Peter Dennis

This elite unit was formed from veterans who participated in the fighting on the Eastern Front, North Africa, and Sicily and was outfitted with the latest equipment of the German war machine. Formed late in the war, they took part in some of the heaviest fighting in France in 1944 until their eventual surrender in April 1945 within Germany. 

This will be a 30-figure set with a great number of options including arms and bits to convert them into regular tank crew. 

Above is the sprue layout prepared for tooling.

Selection of some of the unique parts in the set. 

The sixth body and additional parts to build tank crew.

This set is being prepared for tooling but there is no release date as of yet. Three other World War 2 sets are in development now as well for later this year. Sign up for our email below to be kept up to date on our latest releases.

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Richard Mills - May 1, 2021

Hi, looking forward to release of your Panzer Lehr, look great and all those add ones?
Do you intend to produce Blitzkrieg Germans in the future?
Warlord,s versions lack minimum in choice of positions and weapons.
Thank you

Pierre Lerdou-Udoy - May 1, 2021

Dear friend and old enemy…

From my point of view (as an historian and a “reenactor”), a critic is neither a shame nor an attempt to destroy a good idea ! But a way to think differently and improve quality…
I consider you have first to well know the common rules and uses in uniformology for a period… then you can create your own way of making thing (on a good and clever path).

Germans had at least three regular main models of Panzerjacken (in black, then in field gray cloth), plus WSS models, plus three of four working models, plus three or four different light (summer, tropical or training) models, plus camo, individual or tailor’s models. There’s a large choice. Each category had variations too, that’s true.
If you see hundred photographs for a period, that’s sure you’ll see variations, but very slight and tiny ones in reality.

HERE WE HAVE PANZERGRENADIERE IN 1944. The design here is rather good : they are good miniatures to represent Panzergrenadiere in 1944.

I just have noticed one very important thing for me. If I want to make PANZER- or STUG CREWMEN, straps, ammunitions pouches and Sturmgepäcke don’t do the job. Russian, british and US tankers did’nt wear full combat equipment too ! Their job was not to fight as foot soldiers, and individual equipments were stocked on their vehicules. That’s a fact.

So, from my point of view, you can understand thant I don’t want to begin with good miniatures in trimming all useless equipments… That’s here the real and only shame.

I hope my english is clear enough (but with mistakes, I suppose). I’m sorry : learning a language is a long and difficult path !

Shaun Gooch - May 1, 2021

It’s a shame to see negative comments.

Yet, here lies the problem with producing WW2 kits. These self professed experts pop up.

They’ve read a few books and watched a few documentaries and now they know every little detail and it’s gospel.

Well! I’ve been around since the 60’s and have collected WW2 military uniforms of virtually every variant!

Some British , but mostly German.

I have ,as far as I know, every variant of panzer wrap/jacket that was produced and yet I still find that there are slight differences to what is listed as the ‘Supposed to be correct’!

The truth in regard to production of actual uniform design is clouded as the war developed, and supply and demand became issues ,due to stretched infrastructure for all aspects of the Wermacht resulted in various variants were pushed out.

The bottom line. Anyone claiming to be the fountain of knowledge seldom is. I learned a lot from various replica uniform manufacturers such as Zugmeistrei being a very creditable one. They use the same machines as the original ones and also the same press for the buttons.

Also, it would be nice for people to leave there leftwing comments out of the subject.

Many of us ‘English oldies’ lost close relatives fighting the Germans. I also, grew up on the East Coast of England in a house that still showed signs of bomb damage.

If the likes of myself can break the link between politics and plastic miniatures the millennials certainly have no excuse.

Keep up the great work and produce Crimean War British Grenadier Guards! Please!

Jim Ripley - May 1, 2021

Great looking set . But the gas can is not like any WW2 German can I’ve ever seen , more like something you’ld find in red or yellow plastic at an auto parts store today . And the machine gun ammo belt is much too small , both in size of rounds and the length . A couple of more heads ( peak cap and bare headed ) with radio headphones on wouldn;t go amiss , got to fill those crew hatches on my late war Panzers

FrankR - April 30, 2021

Hey Guys, great box… as I see the pictures in my mind comes an idea, bodies and heads from this and a additional sprue with tools like wrench, screwdriver, oxyacetylene torch, crowbar or a drilling machine… like those things… to trasfer these in a techcrew… all things you find in a garage…
That would be great…

Jeff Chapman - April 30, 2021

Very good set – beautifully sculpted. Glad to see 6 poses! Hope there are Late War Brits, too!

Brandon Chamberlain - April 30, 2021

In spite of some of the negative comments, I definitely plan to get one of these if for no other reason than all the variety of arm positions and weapons. My only real complaint is that four of the five have the cartridge pouches molded on. I’d prefer them as separate pieces so you could customize each figure for his roll ie. SPG crew, Machine Gunners, SMG gunners, possibly tankers etc.

Brooks - April 30, 2021

I am very excited to see the arms with tools, those will add a lot of flexibility for specialist units!

Keir Scott - April 30, 2021

I’m surprised you did this. There are at least 7 other plastic kits from other manufactures you could kitbash to do this. Don’t want to put a downer on it but I thought you guys were gaming in the gaps? Doesn’t seem so with one.

Graham Carpenter - April 30, 2021


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