Ooh Rah Planning to "Get Some"

Ooh Rah Planning to "Get Some"

The Ooh Rah are a relatively new team to the Death Fields Circuit having only been established a little over a century ago. Comprised of members of the 33rd Marine Expeditionary Unit, the team was abducted during a colonial uprising on New Florida. An upcoming star on the circuit, the Ooh Rah bring the highly-trained and multi-disciplinary approach honed into them as America's force-in-readiness across her expanding interstellar empire (still thousands of light years from true galactic civilization) They are a team to watch.


As we prepare this new faction for Death Fields, we have outfitted them with standard rifles (including underslung grenade launcher), pistols, shotguns, and a squad support weapon. What other weapon types would you like us to try to include in the set? Comment below or in the forum.


Please note only one head type is shown here. There are several others.
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Johnny - June 16, 2022

I agree with Eric. I like how some of the Necromunda kits include about two females per ten models, and I think that’s pretty realistic as far as women including themselves in armed conflicts. Its also nice to have some totally female kits but I just think its more immersive to have some of my characters be female. Especially for me, I play mostly cyberpunky type skirmish stuff that happens in cities.

Eric - June 14, 2022

Some female jarheads in the main kit would be nice too.

Felix Gonzalez - June 14, 2022

I absolutely love these, and I totally agree with so many of the comments made, definitely worth including maps in hand, comm’s in hand power sword, heavy weapons like “mortars”, or cannon’s, and including a design to define leaders. Futuristic helmets would also work as would backpacks. Even side slings or M4’s LMG’s SMG’s . But I digress definitely agree that no doubt I will be getting a set of these.

Ian Wise - June 12, 2022

I just realized they would be cool to play as tau for people that would want there guys to be humans.

Ian Wise - June 12, 2022

This is really cool might have to a box of my own when comes out. It would also be really cool for death fields if there was orcs.

Drew - June 12, 2022

I’m going to second Adam’s call for a forward observer for a Combat air controller style Grunt here that would be one way to give these guys a unique feel and Play style, plus it would look really cool.

Benny - June 12, 2022

Options: Grenade launcher; Flame-thrower; Microwave gun; Hot lava gun; Mortar; Laser cannon; Missile launcher; Heavy machine gun

Tony - June 11, 2022

I really like these but they seem more US Marines 2050 than Death Fields. For weapons they need something big even if only one per sprue. A plasma gattling gun? I hope the other heads have a full helmet design that is more futuristic.

Adam - June 11, 2022

American combat vet here. The minis look fantastic! Very American/Colonial Marine vibe. Lots of great weapons suggestions from others, but what about a Comms/Scout observer type. Cool optics, radio, Laser range finder, etc. Think calling in air/artillery strikes.

Stilton Disco - June 11, 2022

Look like absolute badasses. Weapon wise something more akin to the smartgun would be cool, a flamethrower is a must, a plasma rifle would be a hood nod to a throw away line in Aliens, and a compact rocket launcher, based on the one in the Colonial Marines Technical Manual would be ace.

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