Reptilian Overlords Survey

Reptilian Overlords Survey

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Blazw - July 22, 2022

Desert raiders would be good, but also a female space ogre unit, based on their maneater model (why do the female units always have to appear second).

Eric - July 22, 2022

Would love to see a SpaceNam command pack with all their hero characters. Duke, Zorbo, Colonel Apollo, Sgt Hawker, the Space Ogre Maneater who’s totally related to Nam

Red Bee - July 22, 2022

Happy to see you’re already planning on a future for this line!

Red Bee - July 22, 2022

Happy to see you’re already planning on a future for this line!

Adam - July 22, 2022

Desert Reavers all the way! All of the models look great and thank you for developing quality models that I dont have to harvest my organs to afford like with the overpriced competition! Glad I’m a Guard player with options!!

Sebastian - July 22, 2022

Wouldn’t it make sense to include the SpacNam infantry on the list? Although I’d include some optional sleeved arms. The Mercenaries & Militia are basically the Conquisator set, more or less. Maybe combine that with their Sci-Fi version? Only set on the list of genuine interest to me are the Desert Reavers, got their STL files. They kitbash great with the Eisenkern.

Viktor ÖSTMAN-CARLSON - July 22, 2022

More SpaceNam!

TAPM113 - July 22, 2022

So, so glad to see your collaboration program ongoing! I am insanely pumped for these RO sets! If I could have the “Heretics” set I would happily make an army (future AK47 & spikes? Hell Yeah!), and I am going to get a SpaceNam squad anyway :-)

Thanks again for all the goodness! With this, “Hoorrah” and “Bugs”, I am fully switching to you for the foreseeable future.

PS: TTcombat needs plastic production for their new “Dropfleet commander” faction starter set (multipart Cruisers & Frigates) – have you thought collaborating? They are the premier fleet game right now, with a large US customer base that wishes they could produce locally, and an overreliance in Resin for lack of appropriate plastic production partner…..

Justin - July 22, 2022

Oh, SpaceNam Heavy weapons followed by Heretics and then ideally Heretic heavy weapons, definitely.

Dan L - July 22, 2022

The decision to partner up with Reptilian Overlords was inspired… and then getting Pete the Wargamer to do the box art… You smashed this one out of the park!

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