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Take our Survey on Modern Combat

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Granville Stenton - July 10, 2020

Interesting….Vietnam war and Falklands War for me

J.T. - July 10, 2020

Korean War era would be great, get some classic Cold War era models. US and Soviet forces for what if scenarios or even combo sprues for Deathfields where former Cold War enemies must work together.

Robert Worden - July 10, 2020

Thanks for considering these conflicts and periods. I’d love to see one of your sets in just about any of the periods, to be honest. Sets for the Spanish Civil War would be great(I have “A World Aflame” by Osprey). However, I put the NATO/Warsaw Pact era down as my number one choice,, as this period is underserved for 28mm minis, in any medium. As someone who also plays board games based in the era, I can say that the Cold War era conflicts are gaining in popularity, so sets for just about any of them would be a pretty safe bet for you. I’ve got two of your sets so far: I just want to say I love them, the quality and options are fantastic! Keep up your great work.

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