The Winners!

The Winners!

We have a winner! After thousands of entries and votes and narrowing it down to the Top 12 we have our winner: 


This entry was submitted by Michael Stockdale who wins 12 sets of Wargames Atlantic miniatures. Congratulations Michael! 

The other Top 11 finalists will receive a box of their choice. In some cases, multiple people submitted the same or similar ideas so we took the person who entered it first. The 11 Runners Up are: 

 Death Fields Space Pirates
Sandy Wake
Multi-Species Alien Set
Matthew Spey
Apocalyptic Survivors
Kyle Bentley
Sci-fi Civilians
Derek Strachan
Modular Robots
Derek Hodge
Insurgent and Irregular Moderns
Christine Child
Cyberpunk Corporate Security
Alexander M Rawlings
WWI Italian Troops (Infantry, Arditi, Bersaglieri, Alpini)
Fabrizio Ferrara
Hooded/Robed Monks/Cultists
Nathan Flanders
Modern Military Generic Infantry
Joe Cox
Medieval European Peasants/Townspeople
Axel Schudak


Congratulations to all the winners! We will be emailing you to find out what you'd like for a prize. 

But...that's not begins the "Follow Along" part of the contest. We're going to speak with Michael about his entry and what he envisioned and discuss some ideas before we present this to the community. We'll be accepting your feedback and begin to show some designs as we move the Ogres into development.

But wait, there's even more: there is one last GIANT prize to award! One participant in the contest - either someone who submitted an idea or who voted and left their email - is going to be chosen to pick a second plastic set for us to develop.  First we have to get the Ogres into production but once they are off to tooling we will turn our attention to picking that last, big winner. 

So sit back and we will start the process with the Ogres and include you all in each step. Thanks to all of you who submitted ideas and voted! 

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Morgan - May 12, 2021

I didn’t vote for this set but they’ll likely fit quite well with a landsknecht ogre in metal I have from the brilliance that was early 90s Citadel. Very curious as to how this set will turn out whether or not I choose to employ them. It sounds like an interesting project. The ability to use them as scifi landsknecht ogers, maybe in the deathfields vein has my ears pricked up and tail wagging for sure.

Willy D - May 11, 2021

This event was tons of fun to participate in and I really enjoyed reading everyone’s submissions, there were tons of neat ideas! I would like to give a big thank you to Wargames Atlantic for running such a unique event.

I am really excited to see how the winning kit turns out, its got tons of potential.

Troy Boni - May 11, 2021

Cool idea for a contest, tons of fun. Didn’t like Ogresknechts when Wargames Foundry did them, but maybe I’ll like these a little more since they won’t require a second mortgage to build a unit ;)

Jess - May 11, 2021

That’s so awesome. I can’t wait to use these to kitbash my imperial guard ogryn.

I’m smiling so hard right now just imagining a squad of fancy pants bruisers charging in to smash up the enemy.

They’ll look amazing next to my Grognard guardsmen.

Kevin Scrivner - May 11, 2021

Fun contest with lots of intriguing entries. The winner: overdressed German mini-giants equipped with primitive firearms? Well … they’re certainly unique. Better pump out a set of fiesty feline cavaliers in big clompy boots to keep them in check. Not sure the halflings will be able to handle the ogres on their own. ;)

Shaun Gooch - May 11, 2021

Congratulations to the winner! And WA for making someone’s wish list kit a reality.

It is fantastic for a company to do this. Long may it continue.

Whilst ogres might not be on my radar. I look forward to seeing just what transpires, and who knows, I might be swayed into buying a set simply in order to support WA’s effort.

I also, have to agree with Chris’ comment regarding the poor spirit and immature nature of some of the posters comments.

It sounds, as if some of them have a degree of difficulty in coming to terms with events not going their way. Down to the fact, that the vote should be compartmentalized in order to skew the vote in their desired direction.

I am thankful, that WA are savvy enough, to not get drawn into such manipulation of the process and allow fully open voting, and as such representing the true nature of votes cast.

To all those runners up! Congratulations too. (You lucky buggers!)

I’m still gonna push my own wish list kit here, regardless.

So, please produce those Crimean War British Grenadier Guards!!!

Keep up the great work and thanks for the contest.

Nick Darkk - May 11, 2021

Great winner! Cant wait to buy it. Looking forward to whatever you guys make. You are without doubt my favourite miniatures manufacturer.

Nikolas - May 11, 2021

A bit surprised, but perhaps most of the voters are younger and don’t know that it’s already been done (in metal) and was a very poor seller in N.A.
The proof will be in the sales. They may wish to do what they did with the spiders and have sci-fi bits, for a wider customer base.
As a Canadian gen X, that actually likes historical, fantasy and sci-fantasy (ie SW, Dr.W), but isn’t a very good painter, this set isn’t particularly appealing.
I hope that WA might do this again, perhaps polling for a specific line. And perhaps with registered voters.

Mark Selwyn Sycamore - May 11, 2021

to be honest, very surprised at this. seems like a kit with a very limited market, but then again maybe I’m out of touch and there really is a demand for Ogres in fancy pants!

Jack Hindmarsh - May 11, 2021

As someone who put just regular Landsknechts into the vote I cant lie this is just as good of an outcome if not better!

Thanks for letting us participate Atlantic!

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