Two New Sets - Merovingian Franks and Conquistador Cavalry

Two New Sets - Merovingian Franks and Conquistador Cavalry

Today we wanted to show you the first renders of some of the parts that would go into two new sets!

Merovingian Franks will join the Late Roman Legionaries (1): Lorica Hamata, Goths, and the two Army Builder sets for both of these in our Decline & Fall range. 

And also the Conquistador Cavalry which will complement our Conquistadors set. These will include options for part-armored, unarmored, and full-armored riders. You can of course have all unarmored horses as well  

We welcome your advice on both of these sets below! Not every part may make the final set and some parts may be added or changed before this is finalized for tooling.

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KL - July 10, 2021

Is the conquistadors cavalry set the same as the proposed classic fantasy knights set?

agree with some comments that I feel the horse look small compared to the rider. And why does it have 2 reins?

Nick.Speller - July 9, 2021

With regards to all the new Decline and Fall ranges ( which are most welcome and looking good ) , will there be any shield transfers to go with the figures ?

Serge - July 9, 2021

One thing – could you make Your historical sets in a bit bigger scale close to Warlord’s Bolt Acton or Empress scale? That would allow to use their parts to kitbash etc.
And i wonder why there are different necks in a historical and other sets? For example i can use warlords heads to kitbash with GW miniatures. And WGA historic unfortunately not.

Maximillian Hovar - July 9, 2021

Nice can we look forward to possibly seeing halfling cavalrymen soon

Joshua - July 9, 2021

Pistols would be great for the riders!

Cail - July 9, 2021

Amazing options for both kits, my ONLY critique is that the conquistador feet/legs look a little too big, I have seen other brands with way over-scaled cavalry units and it’s put me off buying them in the past :( HOPING this is not the case and they scale with the infantry units, in which case I’ll happily be purchasing both kits!

Legendary work on these quality kits and upcoming releases!

Joe - July 9, 2021

The Conquistador cavalry are looking really great so far, especially with all of the armored and unarmored options! The only addition they could really use, particularly for use in fantasy, would be some ranged options like muskets, arquebuses, multi-barreled pepperbox guns, or blunderbusses. You could even include some bionic options too, like with the spiders, for making far-future cavalrymen with a feudal, gothic feel.

Stephen - July 9, 2021

Loving these… Please can you consider some pistol arms, just to make the set as versatile as possible.

Sion G - July 9, 2021

Looks awesome, as usual!

I know neither of these are anywhere near complete part sets, but I’ll definitely evho the request for pistols and arquebuses with the conquistador cavalry. Also, I know they’re not necessarily the most historically accurate and definitely not quite the right time period, but would there be any chance of Carolingian helmets with the Franks, so as to expand the kit’s flexibility?

Matthew Williamson - July 9, 2021

Well done guys, liking the Frank’s they will be a purchase for me.

I like the Spanish also, but just a point on the horse armour, the horse face plate should have ears attached pointing forward with the horses ears behind, not on the side.

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