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Ultra Moderns/Near Future Survey!

Ultra Moderns/Near Future Survey!

This week we're asking about some set ideas for Ultra Moderns and Near Future set ideas (with some "out there" ideas in the mix too!)


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Maximillian Hovar - May 21, 2022

Great idea! Will any of these sets be army builder sets like the Napoleon one?

Stuart W - May 21, 2022

I like the idea of female gangsters and operators but I’m not sure that I’d want an entire separate kit that’s just them and only them. Maybe a mixed box of 15 guys and 10 girls, generic enough to cover a wide range of scenarios. OTOH ‘operators and mercs’ might be generic enough to warrant the creation of two kits.

Cops (including MT6, that would be hilarious), firefighters, and armed/unarmed civs would combine nicely into a 30-40 model “civilians caught up in the action” kit. I guess what I’m getting at is that all of those ideas in the poll are really great, but getting either 40 of them in a kit or zero of them because other kits gained more favor is maybe a bit of a false choice.

Christopher Brunt - May 21, 2022

TBH found it hard to choose. They are all good whether post Zombie Apocalypse through to counter insurgency missions or dealing with terrorists. All good options.

Jay Hilal - May 21, 2022

Other Alien invaders:
Type 1: pony-sized high tech crested centuaroid aliens unarmored or unpowered armor (not-Aku’ultani/Narhani)
Type 2: horse-sized unarmored high-tech yellow centuaroid crocodilian alien hordes (not-Posleen)
Type 3: 10’ tall high-tech bipedal grizzly bears in unpowered and powered armor (not-Alphanes)
Type 4: 10’ tall high-tech 4-armed bipedal horned amphibians in unpowered and powered armor (not-Mardukans)

Laurent Fourcade - May 21, 2022

What do you think about Russian/Ukrainian box ?

Ian Woolaston - May 21, 2022

Whatever you decide to do choose two so you can release them together, similar to the conquistadors and aztecs.

George C - May 21, 2022

I would like to see modern eastern Europe sf or Russian sf with modern type weapon, for instant the bullpup vulcan m from the Ukraine or tiktok troops from chechnya with all there knock crye and ops core, or cz sf using Bren you know something different not just your seal/sas/swat team generic line up.

Ben - May 21, 2022

Nanashi has a good point that many modern battle uniforms are extreamly similar, and it can be hard to tell even from HD pictures what a specific uniforms are unless you are already with them. But and a lot weapons are very obvious even when looking at 28mm from 3 feet.

I was trying to think of how one would differentiate US Army vs US Marines vs US special forces bodies and it seems that the specific mission is much more important in what they are wearing than anything like the service or even type of unit they are in.

Alex’s idea about Appleseed, Ghost In The Shell, and Infinity have a lot of good ideas about power armor. Lots of the 80s and 90s Japanese cyberpunk animation have interesting ideas that are atypical for war gaming minis. (also pouches are a good idea)

William Manglesen - May 19, 2022

I would like to see more “Irregular” troops in plastic. Armed civilians, Militias of all Stripes, Police in way over their heads, hell even some child soldiers! (For post apocalyptic or African wars both are good).

Love your work wargames atlantic! Keep it coming!

Nanashi - May 19, 2022

I suspect the biggest problem with “generic” sprue plastic minis for modern games is the weapons. Having only AKs in the pack, only ARs in the pack, and being forced to mix the two are all sub-par options, and that’s not even getting into the other common weapons with vastly different outlines (PKM vs. Minimi vs. M60, LAW vs. Carl Gustav vs. RPG29 vs. RPG-7). Most modern uniforms have roughly the same sleeve design (before color and country patch) though, so maybe the solution is as simple as just having the body and heads on their own sprue and do faction specific “upgrade” sprues?

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