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Wargames Atlantic Pricing Announcement 2022

Wargames Atlantic Pricing Announcement 2022

Hello Everyone,

My name is Karl Oliver-Kyriacou, and I am the Director of Sales at Wargames Atlantic.

As I’m sure everyone reading this is aware, the last 3 years have been particularly difficult for all markets and all companies.

With Covid 19 effecting every facet of life, to major trade relationships being amended overnight (Brexit), and a global cost of living crisis looming, precipitated largely by increased fuel costs globally.

It should come then as no surprise that almost every company in our little ecosystem has regrettably had a price increase in the last 12 months, and some have had to enact multiple.

Now if you keep up to date with us on our forum or social media, you will know we pride ourselves on our honesty, transparency and our commitment to you, our customers, who keep our plastic injection moulding machines working, and the lights on.

Wargames Atlantic is in a very fortunate position to not only own its own manufacturing process for our wonderfully detailed 28mm kits, but we also have a very RRP bust logistics hub which helps us service our customers wherever they are in the world.

Our warehouses in the UK, US and Australia allow us to move bulk product efficiently to a source market meaning that the cost of shipping product to you is as cheap and efficient as it can be.

Secondly, we are equally fortunate that we insisted on owning our plastic injection moulding process and machinery. This means that we do not have to negotiate with any middlemen, and ultimately we make the decisions on how much we should charge for our products or services.

Now, there is some unfortunate news that is regrettably out of our hands.

Globally the price of fuel has skyrocketed, which in this business means there has been an increase to the cost of raw materials (namely the plastic - which is up over 60% per pound!) Because of this, the production cost of a typical box has now increased by roughly $0.12.

After much consulting internally at Wargames Atlantic, we just didn’t feel right in passing this additional cost on to you, the valued consumer. So with that decision made, I am pleased to say that our ranges will remain the price you know and love for the foreseeable future.

Have a fantastic summer.

Kind regards

Karl Oliver-Kyriacou

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Alex Taylor - July 8, 2022

You guys are the best! BRAVO!

Nik Jensen - July 8, 2022

You are amazing. If only more companies would act more like you. Thank you.

David Phillips - July 7, 2022

chad move , did not see that coming

Johnny Vain - July 7, 2022

Ha ha haaaa! Thats in amazing 👏 good taste very funny :-) and thank you!

Glorious Grunt - July 7, 2022

Not gonna lie, you had me in the first half haha

Very cool of you to hold the line on this for the benefit of customers, more companies should learn from you :)

Bo Paints Minis - July 6, 2022

Thanks so much for your transpency. I will definitely be buying more.

How about more Napoleonics for Silver Bayonet players?

Marcus - July 6, 2022

I don’t normally contribute comments online, but it feels like this post deserves as much acknowledgement as possible. This is post the reason I will always come back to Wargames Atlantic.

Miniature wargaming is often an expensive hobby, made more so by one particular industry dominating company consistently profiteering using the excuse of inflation and material cost increases, to such a large extent that long-time hobbyists are now being priced out of these products.

WGA is showing us that a nightmare economy doesn’t necessitate you losing out on the hobby you love.

Aidan Donaghy - July 6, 2022

Dear Karl Oliver- Kyriacou,
The world is in some turmoil with the conflict in the Ukraine, and the impact this is having on fuel and other raw materials that over the years the consumer has become dependent on. In addition, with the recent conflict in the Ukraine the world had just got through a pandemic which had a major impact on markets and trade.
It is a great pleasure to hear that Wargames Atlantic have decided to keep prices at the same level and for that i and many other gamers, figure collectors and hobbyists are grateful for this very kind gesture.
I can fully understand if there is an increase in price especially as the cost in raw materials have risen along with fuel costs. So again, I reiterate, and convey my appreciation for your kindness and generosity.
Many thanks
Kind Regards
Aidan Donaghy

Matt - July 6, 2022

This is great, the price differential means that when my wife asks how much one of the boxes are, I can say “AU$55 (in round terms), but look much I could be spending if I were buying GW…”.

Arguement won.

Travis Johnson - July 6, 2022

Thats the real people’s “game workshop” right there! Im so proud to buy anything from you guys! I have nothing but good things to say about you and any chance i can use to drop your name in a conversation i take it. You are one of the best and the hearts and faith of your customers is worth more than that 0.12 ever will be. It will pay off in the long run. PS. Youd hate to read the stuff i write about that other game workshop. LOL

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