What Kind of Wargamer are You? Survey and Contest

What Kind of Wargamer are You? Survey and Contest

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Mike - October 23, 2020

I would love to see Bronze Age sets, particularly Trojan War sets. Also there is a massive gap in the market for plastic Seven Years War/French Indian War sets. A lot of people have been tempted by Muskets and Tomahawks in my area but are put off by poor metals and the lack of plastic kits

Lorenzo - October 23, 2020

Post apoc raiders would be sooo coool, maybe referenced from the very famous franchise, cant quite remember the name :P

Blaze - October 22, 2020

Some sci-fi beastman with both ranged and Melee weapons and armour would be great. A great addition alongside the Grognards in my army

Serge - October 22, 2020

There are a lot of sets unissued before.
Very good idea of making merc for african wars for 60 or even these days.
Americans for Vietnam and NATO & Soviet forces for 80.
Generic modern civilians (western & mid eastern) & modern generic PMC.
Armies for WWI. Please make russians)
A lot of sci-fi for death fields & iron core & fantasy sets.
An as it said above you made great progress during pandemic so don’t stop! Be coolest!)))

Ryan - October 22, 2020

Thanks for the survey opportunity. Some gothic vampire minis would be sweet…seldom get to see vampires in mass dominating a battlefield. Also, huge fan of your stuff mates.

Davi - October 22, 2020

I would love to see a Victorian sci fi range…

But as I know that is almost impossible, I would like a ww2 range!!

Falk - October 22, 2020

You already promised us a Cold War range, therefore I suggested some Bronze Age sets (Sumerians, Minoans, Babylonians) – could go with associated Fantasy sets.

Walter - October 22, 2020

Love your products and value for money. Thank you so much, it is so hard to find alternatives to warhammer products that actively look better and don’t cost me a whole paycheck. Thank you.

Doshu Tokeshi - October 21, 2020

Congo 1960s would be cool. A box of Simbas, a box of Wild Geese/Congolese, and if I was lucky, Belgian Paratroopers

Dorstein - October 21, 2020

Unsure whether the survey submitted properly, so if I were to put out a request I would want fantasy Amazons, with options for swords, spears, and bows.

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