Wargames Atlantic Supervillains

  • With so many great Wargames Atlantic kits, I've used a few to make supervillians or minions for tabletop superhero games.

    Redcoat and the Chosen MenHere's Redcoat with his Chosen Men. They're all based on the British Riflemen box, but the minions have Cannon Fodder arms. Redcoat himself has an arm from an old Spec Ops sprue.

    Sergeant OrcHere's Sergeant Orc, the result of a WWII supersoldier program gone wrong. He's entirely from the Landsknecht Ogres box.

    Gingerbread and minionsWhile Gingerbread might be from Anvil Industries bits, her minions show how good the French Resistance box is for old-school gangster thugs.

    Generic minionsWhile the arms and heads are from elsewhere, the jumpsuit bodies from the Cannon Fodder box are great for generic henchmen.

  • @Andrew Heil those Cannon Fodder goons would look great with some of the Digital Civilian stuff. Who do they work for? 

  • That would be a great theme for a multi-part boxed set - Super Heroes / Villains from WGA. They would easily fit into many other eras such as Pulp and Death Fields with a little conversion work. I am thinking male and female figures in various spandex body suits with arms thrust out, fingers splayed, to imply various powers being manifested. Add a mix of heads in masks, helms and headbands and you could cover most hero/villain tropes.

    A cool second set would be modern law enforcement officers & detectives as opponents or allies. These would also be useful in many other modern skirmish games and with a little kitbash would also be useable in sci-fi / cyberpunk games.

  • @Miyuso Sometimes you just need generic goons to job for whichever supervillain needs some hired guns. The digital civilian bits would work great when I expand the gang.

  • These guys are great!

    Redcoat and his gang in particular give off some real "City of Villains" vibes.


  • As far as modern law enforcement goes, especially for Superhero game Extra-Special Weapons & Tactics types, Ooh Rah are really good. I ordered a sprue and am painting them up for this very purpose. No conversion required.

    Just paint them in Cop colours instead of military, and swap in regular weapons if they're normal SWAT.  

  • @Miyuso who DON'T they work for!? Goons, Henchpersons and Thugs R Us. 

  • The Apocalypse Survivor kits (Ex Wargames Factory, currently from Warlord Games) are good for civilians and cops.

  • @Mark Dewis I like those kits too but their poses are limited and arms often only fit one particular body. Still a good range, especially the Bikers.

  • Yeah. Even with digitals, it can be hard to find good modern civilians (everyone seems to do Fantasy and Science Fiction...). 

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