Fantasy entries - 100 filesets celebratory painting contest!

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    Fantasy - any single figure or diorama you may come up with. Conversions and digital kitbashing are encouraged!

    Rules and links to other entries thread can be found in the following linked thread:


    Forum username - So we can tie your entry to your account and reward the winner appropriately. You will receive a PM from forum staff with instructions for redeeming your prize if you are able to place in one of the categories. Please remember to check your personal messages and claim your prizes.

    Title of entry - Name your work, even something simple such as "Grognards infantryman."

    Description of entry - Parts used if a conversion, or if you've come up with any background. Whatever other details you think we should know.

  • Kelsey Miller

    Classic Fantasy Orc Boss - 3d print. Ready to cause trouble for my D&D group....

    Orc Front

  • Marco Viviani.

    Calling it done... Halfling paladin, made with Sor Paddock Tidebank, the Orcleaver parts, plus a head from the Halfling Militia sprue!

    If you need/want more pictures of him, just let me know! Too bad in this side you can hardly see his cloak. The Halfling Hero .stl can be used as a clever army builder with the right pieces!

  • David Sjöblom

    Title: Classic Fantasy Heroes

    Description: Could resist putting together some RPG heroes!

    From left to right & what kits they're from:

    Cleric; Orthodox Priests

    Halfling thief; Dragon Hoard

    Wizard; Fantasy Caravan & Monks

    Dwarf Warrior; shortened Irish Chieftain

    Sorcerer; Ottoman Noble Admirals

    Ranger; European Peasants

    Bard; European Peasants

    Doggo; Farm Animals

    Assassin; European Peasants, cloak from The Damned and the ears are custom

    Barbarian; Dahomey Agojie

    Monk; Fantasy Cultists

    Elven Mage; European Peasants body, Monks arms, WW2 French Resistance head and custom ears

  • Marius Wego

    Title: "Somewhere deep under the city..."

    Sets used:

    • Cthulhu Cultists
    • Aztec Sacrifice
    • Classic Fantasy Amazons
    • Battle of Tollense Bridge
    • Sea Peoples


    And at least some WIP shots..



    Hope you like it. Regards

  • Forum username - Brendon Sterma

    Title of entry - Chaos Frog Knight

    Description of entry -
    Base: Death Fields N’Glonhgk Infantry
    Additional fantasy parts (Sword, Cape and Shield) from Cults and MMF
    Printed using PLA on FDM printer.
    Default 32mm Scale
    Converted the Sci-fi themed N'Glonhgk model into a fantasy armoured antipaladin or heavy infantry unit.
    Mirrored pointing hand to convert into a sword arm, and attached cape in-slicer for easier adhesion, scaling and beneficial clipping.
    Removed teeth for more appealing smooth-mouth look as they did not print well on FDM

  • User Name: Georg Dierkes

    Title: Raise the green flag

    Description: "You are without doubt the greenest pirate I've ever heard of!" "But you have heard of me!"


  • Forum User Name - Alex McCutcheon


    Ser Percival Reginald Halftall - Halfling paladin, scourge of pork lard buttered bread, plague of leftovers, defender of the pilgrims and preventer of second helpings (for others).

    (Sor Paddock Tidebank the Orc Cleaver) 


    I love painting this little guy - tons of character in the face, nice tufty feet, and a lot of fun surface for metallics. 

  • Forum Name : Richard Smeeton


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