Dark Age/Germanic Warrior Army Builder

  • I can't stress enough the value a set like this could have. For me, as an historical player and a kitbasher, it would probably be one of the most bought sets. 

    A set that could build a great barbarian army, or soak up all the quality bits left from the Goths and Late Romn sets? Priceless. 

  • The body looks suitably generic that it could even accomodate sci-fi kitbashing!

  • To confirm, is it Bodies and heads only? Or will there be parts for entire figures, just with limited options? 

  • @Miyuso I would be okay with just bodies personally.😉

  • @Hudson Adams Looking good so far, I'm a fan of the included moustache heads there - if the set is to be a truly generic 'Dark Age Warrior' set then moustache heads are a must for making the 'run-of-the-mill' troops from non-Germanic cultures like Romano-British/Welsh.

    I presume then that there won't be any extra weapons at all in this set, for which the player must rely upon the spare ones from the Goths box?

  • @Caratacus or when they are out the Franks box.

  • @Brian Van De Walker I assume many would, but it would also cut down on people who aren't at a point yet of getting multiple boxes/don't have a bits box/are new and discouraged by not having everything in the one box

  • @Miyuso maybe, but think of it as a 2 box starter army setup or the second kit you get.    You buy this along with the Goth or Franks set and then just use the extra arms from Goth or Franks set (I know the goth set would likely have more than enough arm bits leftover to equip another whole box of 60 figures).

    This isn't unreasonable or that dishearting even for newbies as long as its stated on the box with a big warning label that it isn't a complet model kit but an extension kit (it works for model kit companies, it should work in this case). Most folks will buy this after trying out the first set to see if they like it.

  • @Brian Van De Walker as long as it's got that label, I'm good with it. Plus would make for an interesting mix with some Death Fields bits ;) 

  • @Brian Van De Walker as long as it's got that label, I'm good with it. Plus would make for an interesting mix with some Death Fields bits ;) 

  • Warlord games has a new hail Ceaser book coming out soon called "Ceaser's Gallic Wars". These will be great for that.

  • Of course they'd have arms and shields! LOL. 

  • @Andrew Fernandez For Gauls or Germans you'll want either Warlord or Victrix's Celts or Ancient Germans respectively - these warriors are, by contrast, for Dark Ages warfare, from about 500 to 1000 years later.

  • I'm so glad that this set is doing well in vox populi voting. It seems like fans of the decline and fall range haven't had much to cheer about for a minute (except that we can make a full sassanid army now) I have so many projects that will include these boys

  • @Big Boi Would be good for WA to produce this set since the D&F range has had zero for 18 months or so since the Goth set came out. To be honest, though, I'm wondering how this set would compare with Victrix's new Unarmoured Early Saxons to be followed by Armoured Early Saxons in a few weeks. Add to that their 7 (!) Late Roman sets, and they now have 9 sets available. All released in 18 months or so. Be good to see more pictures of the WA competitor.

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