Halfling Cavalry

  • I have been eagerly awaiting this set. Would it have spears and bows, as well as crossbows?

  • I definitely looking forward to these! As Vitor said. Will there be spears, bows, or maybe javelins?

  • @Andrew Fernandez javelins would be great. 

  • The poneys are nice, However I don't think there is enough suplys on them. They wouldn't even make it to secount breakfast.  I would have thought pigs, goats or giant chickens for mounts. I do like the crossbows( wish the infantry had them). The ideas of javelins spears and bows are good. How about jousting lances 

  • A little update to the WIP.

  • @Jonathan Levine you can only carry so much weight on a pony or horse though, if you expect it to be able to travel any useful distance, and a halfling in armor is going to take up most of that weight.

    As for the choice of ponies..that was the group preference when they were taking suggestions. The other options got brought up but were generally considered too cartoony and comical. A few people held out for riding dogs but in the end ponies were picked as a neutral choice.

  • @Hudson Adams they look great, congratulations. Maybe some spears or maces, they would complement the look, in my opinion.

    Great work.

  • Please make this an available plastic set for public distribution. I speculate that not everyone has access to a digital printer, time, or resources to utilize the stl you have available. The images are amazing, and best of all they are riding ponies, not goats...Sheep...dogs or any other off the wall stead. Fantastic looking set, please make plastic sets. 

  • Also saw this elsewhere (https://ttfix.blogspot.com/2024/03/wargames-atlantic-new-preview.html), added here for completion.

    Looks promising so far, would be a great addition to the nice infantry already in production. Did wonder if the pony on the left appeared to be rearing on its hind legs; that doesn't seem like a pose I'd want one of every 3 (or however many) figures in the set to have.

    I do like the continuation of having helmets offering extra protection from above; that seems sensible when one is on the shorter side of the spectrum!

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