Alternative History Kitbash

  • Another Idea thats going around in my head... "what if Germans"

    Ooh Rah bodies mixed with Ironcore weapons and WW2 heads make great alternative history Germans 


  • Here are some closeups

  • As usual you nailed it Andreas ... 

    Cannot wait for more updates :)

  • @Steven StGeorges thanks mate. As you can see, after some gapfilling these guys are ready for priming

  • The squad is primed

    And as I just saw the newest painting contest, I think the unit leader may get his time to shine

  • Despite the fact that I'm sick and feel like a pile of .... I managed to slap some paints on my minis. Still some highlights, bases and varnish to do.

    Sticking with the "Sci-fi Nazi" theme I tried my hand on oakleaf autumn camo

  • Finally I finished all of the "Space Krauts" after getting the Machinegunner ready for the WGA contest.


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