Napoleonic French Infantry in greatcoats

  • May I suggest digital Napoleonic French Infantry & command in greatcoats just like the spledid Russians files? Would be a splendid addition to the Napoleonic portfolio. Ideally with shako's and bicornes to make them as versatile as possible.  This could be a great set of files as we all need infantry in greatcoats to fight the biting cold.



  • I think they already have plans for them, though I am really not sure why WA bothered with them and Russians when I am pretty sure both subjects exist  as marching pose sets in 28mm plastic at least once already when they could be focusing on factions like the Dutch and Spanish or doing skirmisher poses.

  • Look at the Victrix Old/Young Guard figures ?

  • Warlord Games and Perry miniatures already do them in hard plastic

  • @Henk Vervaeke  Loads of head options and use the greatcoat set for lots of Napoleonic armys. 

  • @Dennis Horne Yeah the Victrix Old Guard set pretty dang awsome.

  • @Brian Van De Walker Head swap them with others e.g. those proposed WA Spanish Heads. Mix 'em with standard French heads for greatcoated flank companies, those heads from the WA resin skirmishers may well work too.

    I've got a Battalion with Top Hatted figures as part of my Spanish 1811 army. I was drawn to those WA Spanish a few years ago for that reason. 

  • @Patrick Woods That would not be historically accurate. Different armies used different cuts of greatcoat.

  • @Lord Marcus For their 'official' 1808 uniform, true. 

    By a couple of years into la guerra de l'independencia the Spanish were using a lot of captured French gear, they had little manufacturing capability. That volentario unit with top hats & French greatcoats is perfectly reasonable.

    As for the guerilla units.....

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