Jaffa Models

  • I'd love to see some Stargate style jaffa models, with the big armored helmet featuring an Egyptian deity. 


  • I wonder if we could do anything with the Cannon Fodder Alien set and an Egyptian set to come up with something for this?

  • I've never seen stargate, but a classic fantasy "Egyptian God Warrior" set with sci-fi parts would be cool.

    Fun fact! It's thought that those heads on heiroglyphics don't represent how the egyptians thought of those gods, but rather their ability to take the form of both animal and human, condensed into one symbol. It could also be an intermediate form, like with some werewolves.

  • The helmets on the show are stylishly (rediculously?) oversized. They look awesome and extravagant. 

    In a perfect world, there would be a little spot in the back of the helmet that could hold a magnet. Then you model in a magnet and pop the helmets on and off.


  • @Estoc The movie is worth a watch. SG-1, the first TV show, is a lot of fun, light weight sci-fi with a sense of humor. 

  • @Thomas Kelley The helmets were a sort of psychological instruments to strike fear in the Goauds' subordinates, weren't meant as a real protection, also if, at least in the first clashes with humans' troops, were needed some bullets to strike down jaffas in armour. Also their battle staff are unwieldy, more a terror weapon that an efficient one, as remarked by maj. O'Neil in an episode, confronting our more efficient guns vs. a battle staff.

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