My Turnip28 Army

  • I just finished all the basic units for my Turnip28 fighting force and realized I haven't shared then here.

    Whole force



    My snobs! Outside of Todd I rotate the other three for who gets to be Toff depending on the Cult. Each has a name and backstretch as per Turnip tradition..


    The Rable!

    The Rabble! I put magnets in the puddle in the hopes of using this magnetic base. They ended up being a bit weak, so have addedbsome temporary latge magnets between them to make things more stable. These guys are just Russian Great Coats with head swaps. 



    The Brutes: some of my earliest models in this army. I learned I didn't have much talent in sculpting Green Stuff masks here.


    The Chaff: love the Edo Peasants grass capes on these fellows


    The Whelps: I made sure not to glue down the saddles incase I wanted to use these muppet-y mounts for the Fungivorous Herd later.



    The Bastards; went a little literal with these guys. I was going for toddlers strapped to Veggie-lociraotors hoping to get their wayward father's attention.

    Stump Gun

    The Stump Gun: I made a mini diorama for this one, with each crew member is magnetized to use them as hit points.


    Spotters for my Loppers of Maudlin Marsh. These guys were what started the force. I used sprue for the stilts. I still haven't made the proper lopers yet, nor the Snob stands, but I think they will be next on my list now that all the basic units are represented. 

  • I love this. Awesome, quirky conversions!

  • Great looking army. Love the vibe

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