Horses... lacking STLs

  • I am just in the process of creating piktish pikes for a 15mm DBMM-army and we discussed the idea to also do the cavalry with STL and print, but there are no moving horsed. The standing horses are great, but do not fit the poses of the cavalry.

    Is there a chance that you will release the moving horses as stl some day, too? Or provide cavalry that fits in pose to the standing horses?

  • The physical horse set from WGA is running horses. Considering the removal of the damned STLs when the physical models got released, they will never be released at STLs. They are certainly compatible.

  • Yeah, definitely agree it would be great to have the horses as stl files.


  • @Patrick Woods We do. They are standing horses. Also the italian ww2 cavalry have horses (with bodies that are being fixed or are fixed at time of writing.)

  • @Lord Marcus 
    Please note that the horses consist from glued plastic set parts, which means the tail is very lightly attached and there are creaves along the back, bottom and breast. A "smooth" with an STL-Editor (like Blender) can fix that in minutes. Enlarging the tail adhesion is also advisable, as they tend to break off when printed with the original sculpts. For 15mm prints I also thickened the legs and they come out quite well now.

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