Dino riders question

  • Am I missing something, or is there any way of knowing what parts go with other parts. I printed out a few sections of the dino, and found that none of them seem to fit each other. While the pegs were too big to work without sanding, the arms legs tails and heads were clearly supposed to fit into a specific body- and other than printing them ALL out and playing with them, I don't see a way to tell what parts to do if you only want to make one dino.  I would suspect a better numbering system would help (like Body 1, L_leg1, R_arm1) , or different shipped pegs (square, circle, triangle) if the arms only fit one body,  Unless someone wants to print them all out, figure it out, and annodate the parts illustration. 

  • I ran into the same issue.i didn't check and assumed everything for everything and only printed off one of each. The legs head and tail of what I printed don't match up, but the arms seem to match.

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