January painting competition : Atlantic Digital

  • Good morning to the Legion and our forum members,


    Firstly, here’s hoping everyone had a lovely new year’s eve.


    Now, let's kick off the new year with our January Painting competition(s.) This post Is for the Atlantic Digital Competition and should include models from our Atlantic digital range. There is a similar forum post for plastics miniatures.


    Let's tackle the basics:


    Submit your entries on this forum post by January 31st. See below for information needed.

    Entries should feature Wargames Atlantic Digital items

    The winner will be determined by a poll on this forum.

    Wargames Atlantic reserves the right to veto any entry.

    The Gift card prize will be awarded to the email address of the winning forum member.

    Now, onto the exciting part! This month's theme is "Whatever you like." We can't wait to see the boundless creativity of this community.


    REQUIRED INFORMATION for entry tracking:

    Forum username - So we can tie your entry to your account and reward the winner appropriately. You will receive a PM from forum staff with instructions for redeeming your prize if you are able to place in one of the categories. Please remember to check your personal messages and claim your prizes.

    Title of entry - Name your work, even something simple such as "Grognards infantryman."

    Description of entry - Parts used if a conversion, or if you've come up with any background. Whatever other details you think we should know.

    Looking forward to witnessing the incredible creations of this awesome community. Let the painting begin!

  • So what ever we want? Does that mean armies and dioramas are OK for this one, or is it single model only?

  • @Red Bee armies and diorama's are ok. Do note this is the Atlantic Digital specific painting contest for january.

  • @Lord Marcus  
    Asking for a friend: Entries are indeed to go here, right? As it is so empty here :/
    Hopefully because everyone is still preparing their entries 🤞

  • @Tobias Voss That is correct

    Entries for the Atlantic digital january painting contest go in this thread. The regular plastics contest thread was started by Karl.


    Forum username - Tobias Voss

    Title of entry - Gunners of the 15th Georgia Artillery mandhandling a BL 6-inch 26 cwt, Doggerland Front, 1917.

    Description of entry - In WWW1 the CSA relied heavily on lend/lease guns of French and Britsh design. Here gunners can be seen mandhandling a 6-inch howitzer into final firing position. The muddy ground on the Doggerland Front became infamous, although the warfare in this theatre was less static than in France and Belgium.

    Figures WA digitial only, gun also 3d printed - design by Windham Graves and available on thingiverse (have a look at his other great models)!.

    Officer: Sgt. Stubby human companion, with French HMG arms and Rebel Yell kepi.
    Crew: WW1 confederates, some arms mirrored to fit, plus one Rebel Yell kepi.
    Inspired by a picture I found on pinterest, see at the bottom.



  • Username: Georg Dierkes

    Title: Poetryslam

    Description: A small scene of a poetry slam 1793 in Paris. The auditorium didn't like the performance. Head up... maybe next time...







  • Forum username - JM M

    Title of entry - A limitanei of the Legio CXXII Novaterrensis engages Azteca bellatorculi during the 3rd Tenochca War, 2563 ab urbe condita.

    Description of entry - Despite Roman domination of northern Novaterra for centuries, the southern peninsula of the new world remained under control of the triple alliance of the Azteca, led by the wealthy Tenochca. Repeated raids and provocations forced Rome to station large border garrisons of limitanei troops and when, in 2562 AUC, a motorized patrol of the 14th Novaterran Legion was ambushed and massacred, the Empire ordered a punitive expedition. Azteca forces, unable to stand up to the might of Rome in open battle, instead fell back on bellulum tactics: staging hit-and-run attacks with small forces of bellatorculi that melted back into the countryside after striking isolated Roman contubernia and camps. Rome responded with a policy of vastatio, laying waste to Azteca towns, farms, and crops, until the Tenochca sued for peace at the end of 2563 AUC and agreed to pay punishing reparations.

    Figures - Wargames Atlantic Digital "WW2 Romans" printed on an Elegoo Mars 2.


    Roman alternate history ww2

  • Richard Smeeton

    N’Glonhgk commando leaps into action ...

    Death Fields N’Glonhgk Infantry

  • Username: Daniel Broaddus

    Title: Lawrence of Arabia and the Arab Revolt (1916-1918) The Arab Revolt was a British sponsored uprising against the Ottoman Empire during the Great War. These particular miniatures will be used in my British Near East force as Arab Inexperienced Riflemen and Arab Assault Experts in Blood and Valor. 

    All parts are from the Wargames Atlantic Digital set: Lawrence and the Arab Revolt.

  • Stepheno Zollos

    Xerxes Riding On the Backs of the World

    Description of entry - Egyptian Digital Kit and Xerxes Digital Kit with a few extra bits to modify the throne for a more "Babylonian" feel. Fun fact toothpicks fit perfectly in the Egyptian models' hands. Wanted a warlord for SAGA and the Persians can have one mounted or on foot. I figured I'd split the difference and now I can use him as either. Wanted to represent the vastness of the Persia with litter bearers from all over the empire, so theres an Ionian Greek, a North African, a Nubian, and a Scythian.

  • Sorry, should have read the pinned note on adding multiple pics before attempting.

  • @Lord Marcus So where do you submit your entries?

  • Forum username - Andreas Penzkofer

    Title of entry - British Naval Brigade

    Description of entry - Just three miniatures from the British Naval Brigade in Sudan. All parts are from the multi-part set and 3d printed. I just added a few paper stripes for the cap bands.

    Best regards,


  • Forum username - Mr Paul R Golder

    Title of entry - Plains Indians Gang for Dead Mans Hand

    Description of entry - these miniatures have been preconstructed in 3d builder before being printed on an Elegoo Mars 4 9k resin printer.  I used Vallejo Xpress paints for these and I am very happy with the results.  The gang consists of a Cheif, Medicine Man, 2 Hunters and 5 Warriors all looking to defend their lands in west.

    Plains Indian Gang


  • Submitted on behalf of John Sullivan, who is having technical issues:

    Forum Username John Sullivan

    Title Roman Colonial soldiers.


    Colonial Roman soldiers ready to expand the empire. I was thinking Rome replacing Britain as the world power.


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