Terrain and Buildings! Show Us!

  • Do you scratchbuild your own terrain and buildings? Show it off here! 

  • Mordheim table made from cardboard, cork tiles, balsa wood and foam

    More pictures of this table can be found on my dedicated Mordheim thread

  • Two years ago I made an entire sci fi city out of christmas gift boxes, old sprues and cardboard


  • My latest project is this board for Sludge or Turnip28 

  • A star wars themed village made from old ice cream tubs

  • And here's my cardboard Imperial ruined city table


  • I've also built a medieval village, also usefull for Bolt Action and such

  • Technically no building, but I use it as terrain and its made from cardboard and foam mats


  • Dear Lord, these are glorious!  I have pretty limited space in my house, so I bought the Acid House Terrain foldable fantasy set, and I love it, but - man! - stuff like this gives me the itch to build!

  • @Benjamin Hayward thanks mate. Very nice from you. Yes, storage space is a real struggle and my wife gives me the "look" every time I start a new project. But I'm a hobby butterfly and fly from one project and theme to another and back

  • @Andreas Mayrhofer really loving the Star Wars troop transport - well done!

  • @Hudson Adams thank you. Took quite some time to build it.

  • I've made these from Real Estate signs in the past. It's a few cuts, some dowel, and some paint and done. 

  • I wouldn't even know where would be a good start to scratch building buildings.

  • @Charles Tottington just start with a box shape and add to it

  • Here is my newest terrain project: The underhive sump harbour. 

  • Oh hello :)

    I've got a lot of terrain that I've been working on, and making videos for (so many in progress right now)


    City tree, ruins, risers, and scatter terrain for games like Mordheim

    All cardboard






    First attempt vs about four years later





    I don't recall if I linked my channel on my profile (I'll double check in a second - edit: I put it in my signature), but I made a tutorial video each for the barricades, the cart, and the crates, as well as a general one for the wood texture cardstock I use for all of them


    @Andreas Mayrhofer those are all incredible!  Love everything Mordheim and your Frostgrave Cultist Death Fields kitbashes are so cool

  • @Selrahc thanks mate. Your Mordheim terrain is awesome. Nice to see that so many people love this old gem

  • Just a little WIP of my trench board 


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