February Painting Competition - Plastics - Diorama

  • Hello Wargames Atlantic Legion!

    The Month of February is upon us, and with a new month comes a new painting competition.

    This months theme is Diorama. We want to see the legion showcase their miniature storytelling skills in the form of creating wonderful landscapes to showcase their army projects.

    As this is the Plastics competition, we will be looking for the best use of Wargames Atlantic Plastics as a majority of the project. You are not limited by period of genre, so feel free to let your creative juices flow across our entire range!

    Submission of entries will close on the 29th of Febuary, and the Winning submissions will be selected by the First week of March.

    Prizes will be the value of:
    3 boxes to first place
    2 boxes to seccond place
    1 box for third place

    Happy creating, we are very excited to see what you make

  • Here we go, hope this is right this time. "Harvesting the Cannon Fodder" 

  • "Dead End Last Stand"

    No one believed Private Smith when he said he heard something in the ducts. Now the three remaining survivors of the boarding team, with their backs to the wall make a desperate last stand against whatever creature prowls the drifting research vessel.

  • Two prisoners escaped and found some weapon, but outside of the valcano jail, there are many monsters wandering around. Can they survive?

  • Forum name: Drangir

    Submission name: Entry point

    Description: The CHWAT's mining cutters can produce hot plasma to melt through nearly any barrier known in the colonised systems. The rapid response team is in place, ready to get in with a powerful battle cry. With such an entry even the most dangerous suspects have seconds to react to unexpected and well-equipped guests...

    Done with Einharjar and Lizardmen sets. Lizardmen were modified using other sci-fi bits and sculpting putty.

  • Submission name: Overwatch

    Description: Two tirailleurs of the 1-43 Infanterie look across a ruined landscape, covering their comrades in the streets below.

    Figures are from the Grognards Command/Heavy Weapons box. The buildings are made from cereal boxes, corrugated cardboard, spackle, bamboo skewers, and lots of sand and baking soda for grit. 

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