Russian Revolution Rulesets

  • I was thinking about picking up the great war russian infantry for playing the russian revolution, but need a ruleset to play them with. If anyone knows any good "Skirmish" scale rulesets (17 Models to a side max) with units no larger than 4 models, optimally ones which would allow me to use an FT-17 on one side without ruining the balance.

    Also, any pictures or articles on architecture from the era for making terrain would appreciated.

  • Hello,

     I am no Expert on rules, buy I likee bolt action and its scale.

    Take a look at this set: It Is excellent for the period you are looking for:


  • Xenos Rampant can be used for such games, if you want a simple and flexible ruleset. though that same simplicity might make it less than ideal for a WW1 era game, since you wouldn't be using many of the options.

    if you decide to do a weird war version though, it would be pretty good choice.

  • @Mithril2098 Is Xenos Rampant multiple models to a base/square bases or is that just Lion and Dragon Rampant? Or are they all multi-base and I'm misremebering?

    @Francesco Chiementin While I'm not interested in pre-built terrain (I like the experience of designing or making it) I might use those as a reference. I'll look into bolt action, too.

    Thanks both!

  • XR uses individually based figures, though the stats are by unit. the figures just stay close together when you move them. it's meant for scifi mostly, but can handle just about any modern warfare setting. one reason why i suggested it should you decide to include weird war elements. it can be used to run whites vs reds, but would really shine when one side has babayaga and her chicken house backing them up and the other has undead rasputin and an army of demons reinforcing them.


    some xenos rampant play examples:

    Lets Play Xenos Rampant by Battle Bunker HQ (using star wars setting)

    first game of Xenos Rampart - WW2 germans vs americans by Wargameshobby

    'COBRA Rampant: Operation Charlie' by The Joy of Wargaming (Gijoe vs Cobra, modern day setting)



  • Someone made a custom WW1 variant of the colonial ruleset The Men Who Would Be Kings that allows for armored cars and tanks. Might be something to look into.

  • @thomas lapoint Looked over it. I get a feeling I'm missing something with the rules? Tanks seem really strong compared to the other profiles, especially with all infantry weapons and the HMGs not being able to damage them. By comparision, A gun is slower and doesn't have that trait.

    Also, 12 models to a unit wouldn't fit the scale I intended. I'll change the original post to mention that I want a "Skirmish" scale game (17 Models to a side max), with units no larger than 4 models. I do appreciate the attempt though!

  • Fistful of Lead, Setting the East Ablaze, Beyond the Empire. 

  • There is also "Through the Mud and the Blood" by the lardies but I haven't played it. I have used Stargrunt II which is really just an infantry skirmish game that also includes vehicles. I have used those rules for WWI and they work great but they are high complexity. 

    You should check out the other thread on the rules subject:

    Any rules covering WWII will also work for the second half of WWI and the interwar period.

    I plan on doing a Bolt Action game in the near future

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