Rhyfler Pocket Book - Tokens for self printing (Fanmade)

  • Some quick tokens for playing. I am have not played a game so far. Any adviec to imrouve the tokens is welcome. (Also I might missed some. )

    The amount of tokens is pretty much based on gut feeling and I would lovei nput on a more practicall amount.


    Link to drive with files!


    Thoughts on the Designs

    I tried to maximise accessibility to make them read well on the board. Though the colour contrast is a bit weak overall.
    For the Icons I tried ot keep it simple in shape while still having some conection to the status. Which is always difficult as these are quite complex concept after all.

    The style is oriented at the paper terrain found on the box. While not fully comatible its close enough I think.

    For "out of action" I went with casulty marker in 25mm base size in the end. As the ruels state to replace the model with a marker. My first try is included as well.

    For the "Pluck" token I went with a bug. An ant would maybe more fitting but the bug shape reads a bit better. Its ucky treat on the battlefield. A symbol of fortune if you like.

    License is CC0 aka Public Domain. Use them however you like.

    Image of the size tests with some Quar.

  • Small Update.

    I added a smoke token. Updated both letter and a4 sheets.


  • Those look amazing. I love the whimsical feeling of the designs. Only issue I see is the crosshair could use a bit looser lines. What program did you use to design these?

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