Trench Crusade Kitbashing

  • As I've read throug the Trench Crusade playtest ruleset I couldn't fight the urge to build a small elite force of the heretic naval regiment. 

    I just used spare parts and bits from tje bitsbox but I'm very happy with how they turned out. WGA Ironcore, Death fields upgrade sprue, GW stormcast, Stargrave Mercs, GW hobgrot parts and so much more.....

    The Heretic Priest with Heavy Armour, SMG, axe and trench shield

    The Anointed Heavy Infantry with automatic Shotgun

    Heretic Legionare with Semi auto rifle and trench kniff

    Heretic Legionare with MG

    And three Heretic Troopers with semi auto rifle (one got  trench kniffe too)

  • Awesome, your work is really inspiring - can't wait to see them painted. I also saw your other Ironcore captain conversion with grey coats unit. Gives me an idea how to use my French men as damned scouts in the future :)

    Sooner (hopefully) I'll be making sororitas/feudal elite unit based on WA ironcore sets. I just started, but can't wait to bite into it. These stormcasts bodies are definitely inspiring in this area.

  • @Drangir thanks mate. Yes the stormcast figures are fun to kitbash with. I also made this little guy a few days ago

    The stormcast are best when not used as stormcast 😉

    I can't wait for the Valkir to release as I used all my old Dreamforge valkir parts. I have so many ideas for them

  • Here's my quick and dirty 699 ducats worth Heretic Naval Raiding Party.

    Now I need a quick 700 ducats force for the Trench Pilgrims to make a test game

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