Occupied France

  • Am I the only person who feels there should be a set or STL download for French Milice, Gendarms, and Plainclothes Inspectors for WW2 Occupied France?  Something for theResistance to go up against in skirmish games?

    The Resistance engaged with collaborationist forces much more than the Germans 

  • While in general I agree, specifically designed models would be great. I know people have used extra officer bodies from the French Infantry sprues to make gendarmes. 

    One of the projects on my to do list is using a pair of the officer bodies with the sten gun arms and beret heads from the partisan sprue to make a couple of Milice Franc-Garde members. Looking at historical pictures I may have to do a little green stuff work on the bottom of the trousers.

  • Man I would love having more officer bodies for Gendarmes and otherstuff. I've been cutting and reposing the same one figure into as many new poses asi can think of so I can make Officer cadet squads for the Battle of Saumur.

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