Custom tractors.

  • For many years I have wanted to get some of these critters but always put it off due to shipping and customs.

    Now I have the plastics - I am enthused.

    I have started work on a tractor and wondered if it fits in well enough.

    I think I am going to tuck rhe tracks under a widened hull.  Creating a more top-heavy look.

    Any opinions?

  • Fits in really well. Frankly a lovely assault gun design. Reminds me of several real-world WW1 tanks (st. chamond, flying elephant, a7v). I think some sort of upper track guard would look good, maybe to differentiate units. Only issue I see is the side armor clipping into the wheels and the big front wheels looking disconnected from the main body.

  • @Estoc Thank you.  I was a bit lazy and had used a premade file for the gun.  Someone told me it was a Games Worshop clone.

    Did a bit more work this evening and have it nearly ready.  I might shrink the hatch and therefore make it a larger machine and also recess the binocular gunners sight but apart from that I am calling it done!

  • i liek the updated one better from a design standpoint. the mantlet design looks like it would allow for better elevation of the howitzer. it would have some issues with crossing trenches, but since it is meant to be an uparmored gun-tractor rather than a point-of-the-spear assualt vehicle like the Mk.II through Mk V* series, it probably wouldn't need the rhomboid shape that made crossing trenches easier.


    what are those angled panels on the sides for though? they are big enough to be additonal armor, and certainly aren't placed well for such. and i can;t imagine designing a tank of this sort with baggage racks.


    (also.. that suspension doesn't seem right to me, but i'm not sure if you were copying a specific type. certainly i don't think having that boxy bit impinging on the main wheels front and aft is a good idea. overall having that box down there seems like it would wreck any ground clearance and rough ground capability the tracks were meant to give you.)

  • @Mithril2098 The suspension box is Somua S35 style track armor but modified for ease of printing I think. Not sure on the purpose for the side boxes, though. that said, they do help break up the monotomy of what is otherwise a simple design. Could be ammo holders, troop compartments or for luggage. I know the gun carrier mark 1 was partially designed to carry luggage.

  • Thanks for the input.  Yes the suspension is impractical as wete most WW1 vehicles if they even had suspension (although the plates are not flush with the bottom of the tracks - there are small wheels between them and the lower run very much Somua S35 style!) and the vehicle is front heavy.  My inspiration was the hideous St.Chamond!

    There are a few corrections I need to make including redoing the binocular sights, ball mounts and placing more hatches etc.

    To answer your question re the side protrusions.  They are intended to both break up the slab sides and act as stowage racks.  I will stuff mine with tarps and crates etc.

    I will post the final version when it is completed - probably Tuesday.

  • The "Qwillen" heavy support tractor is now finished (bar a few rivets and reboring of the barrel).


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