What are the Damned based off of?

  • So... I'm still trying to figure out how to paint my upcoming damned models. I don't know whether I want to paint them as made space crusaders, steampunk space pirates, or whatever.


    So I thought I'd ask what the Damned are stylistically based off of. That would help me figure out what to do with them.

  • they seem to be a mix of ww2, soviet russia, and post-apoc bandits.

    arguably, their closest inspirations (in so much that fan suggestions steered it that way) is the Blood Pact and Sons of Sek from Gaunt's Ghosts novels, and the Vraks renegade Militia, both from 40K.






  • @Charles Tottington Honestly, the older STLs were pretty clearly  based off diffrent post-apocalyptic themed movie, game, and comicbook franchises, possibly even anime and manga. What it looks like to me is they kinda of setteled on a "stalkers" like theme (AKs, Russian guns, generic army look, etc.)  with some other influnces tacked on for the crowdfund renders. The current torso body design could also be partly inspired  by one of the thread convos on this forum about the "genric body sprue" idea that we all kept talking about awhile back.

    Also I am one of the folks that asked for menpō in the Heavy Infantry and did so cause I was wanting Japanese media postapoc themed stuff (Fist of the Northstar, Desert Punk, Metal Max,etc.) for warband flavors, was not even thinking about 40k stuff like Bloodpack, (heck alot of the stuff GW comes up with is just knock offs of other folks' IPs😆).

    Anyways, if I where you I would just pick my favorite Post-apoc franchise and imagine what the Damned would look like in it. Failing that, the Lost Planet pirates and mercs are pretty Damned like.



    And then there are the S.T.A.L.K.E.R types that really seem Damned like and probably what GW stole from with the Varks,etc.:


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