WA Germans for Bolt Action

  • Like my other post, I have also been working on the Wargames Atlantic WWI Germans.

    A German formation for Bolt Action is going to be organized differently depending on whether they are defending or attacking. I have 2 boxes of WA Germans so I am creating 2 different forces. It is safe to assume that a late war German platoon is going to be severely under strength, so I have not tried to model an ideal German platoon as it might have been organized according to regulations. 

    A late-war (1918) German platoon in the defensive is still going to have as many machineguns as it can get, even if it is nowhere near full strength. Each squad will be understrength but will be centered on a light machinegun. Rather than model a single 30 man platoon using a box, I am going to model something like 2 platoons, each with 2-3 squads of 5-6 men, but every squad will have an MG 08/15. 

    On the offensive, the attack will be spearheaded by Sturmtruppen. These formations will also not follow any kind of regulation formation. The commander will decide what resources are needed for the attack, and select detachments of men from the battalion that can be organized in any way he sees fit. They may also be using captured lewis guns. The attacking troops will be festooned with stick grenades and have other specialized weapons like the Bergman SMG, flame-throwers, and improvised weapons like bangalores and bundled grenades. 

    My attacking Germans are sturmtruppen for the 1 Jager Battalion. You can tell because they have a bright green shoulder tab.






  • Its Boltaction, so personally I wouldn't normally think too hard about accuracy and just go the anachronistic COD route (which is at its core what Boltaction is given what Warlord puts in thier boxes🤣),  unless I was really dedicated to renacting a specific battle. But you do you and don't change.

  • Well Bolt Action is just a set of rules. The armies you put on a table are as historical as the effort you want to put into researching them, regardless of the rules you want to play. Doing a little research is part of the fun of playing an historical game.

  • @Allan Lougheed True enough.

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