Chivalric Heraldry

  • One of the best things about this period is the ornate heraldry and personal insignia of much of the nobility. What is your favorite example of this? also if you know where one can find transfers for things like a Lion Rampant or a Fleur de lis? I'm planning on making transfers for the Archbishop of Trier, the image of St. Peter with the keys is such a cool design


  • Are we certain that this isn't an elaborate april fools joke? The sprues, the minis- they all look off. Tge puddle bases are deeper, proportions are lankier, and bow arms look low-effort. Could this be a new style? yes. Was this also announced on april fools day, and on a monday (not a usual WGA release date) on top of that? yes. It was. 

    Regardless of it is or is not real, That is indeed a wonderful piece of heraldry, and I would love to know your method for making transfers.

  • @Estoc 

    The fact that there's a pre-order still open for it, the company they partnered with for this is also still listing it for pre-order and it's still listed on the Release Schedule implies that it's real.

    It's generally not considered good business to take people's money for a product you're not actually making (or, if it was a joke, to not have said as such after the 1st was over).

    This reads like what Games Workshop did back in 2022 when they dropped the Leagues of Votann reveal on April 1st.


    @Big Boi  My personal favorite bit of Heraldry is the Crest of my home County:

    however we were only granted that Crest on April 5, 1937, so putting it on the Footknights Shields would be a tiny bit anachronistic.

  • @Estoc The preorders are still up. I don't think the proportions are off, I think arms covered in chainmail looks a little wack and will often make the models arms look different. Similar to a model in ight clothing look smaller than something with a heavy jacket

  • @Indy Techwisp I'm stumped, what is that home country?

  • @Big Boi Home County, not Country.

    It's the Coat of Arms for Wiltshire.

    (Or the Wiltshire County Council at least, but it's the closest our county has for our own crest.)

  • I'm using a vinyl cutter to make the shield heraldry. It's pretty nice, pretty much most vector art can be turned into decals. I currently use it for emblems on bretonnian knights horse barding.

  • @Big Boi GW made some transfers for their Bretonnians, plus shouldn't be difficult find some ones from after market producers, f.e. there's Gripping Beasts

  • I love the Grimsby Crest, but I will probably go something completely different. Also planning on learning to make my own transfers for these

  • There are many, many original rolls of arms now available online that have been scanned in. Pick a time and place and away you go. Battle and tournament scenes out of medieval manuscripts can also be used as inspiration, although those need a grain of salt or two. Rolls of arms are the practical documents used by heralds to keep things straight.

    This is a valuable resource:

  • @Mark Dewis  This is spectacular. That collection at Heidelberg is especially great. Thank you

  • @Big Boi No worries. Funeral sculpture is another solid source for this, especially if you have a later source for the arms (even a modern one) and just need evidence it was in use in the period you're working on. You'll usually need to source the colours from another source, but that may not be hard.

  • Does anyone know a good supplier for specific heraldic devices (specifically the red lion rampant for William Marshall and the two lions rampant or for the early Richard the Lionheart shield)? I've been looking and can't find anything that seems like it would work.

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