Roman Shield Trtansfers

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    Think the late Roman foot are lovely figures and was going t oget some. However, my painting skilld aren't up to doing Late Roman Shield designs. Does anyone know where I can buy the Relic shield transfers in the UK? If not, can anyone recommend other shield transfers that will work with the Atlantic figures>



  • I've looked myself for Relic shield transfers in the UK but to no avail.

    Nothing I know of will work with WA Late Roman shields. Most of the LBMS shields transfers for Late Roman oval shields are simply too narrow. The Victrix ones are probably the closest being every slightly too long but still too narrow. Plus you'd have to work around the boss being a different size.

    I'd simply dump the WA shields. Yes, they are a realistic size (vs. say the Dura ones) and dished but the plumbatae on the back is a bit silly (would make shield rather too heavy and destroy centre of gravity). 

     I'd just buy some from another manufacturer. Gripping Beast, Footsore and Aventine sell metal oval shields and all have a good range of LBMS transfers. Alternatively go onto the LeadAdventureForum and put an ad in their wanted section for Oval shields from the above or Victrix Late Romans. Most of us will have plenty to sell since you always end up with too many. 

  • @graham Ah, thanks for your reply.  Iwas worried that was going to be the answer but was hoping for different.



  • @Adam Worsdale I personally use the shield transfers from Relic miniatures. yes the shields ar kind of big but I like the Plumbata. I have the ones with the Chi Ro's on them and they look great. I don't know about UK resellers but if you can find some I think theyre worth it

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