Ideas thread for Future products in the Age of Chivalry line.

  • so i'm starting this thread as a catch-all for suggestions for future sets (plastic or digital) within this new theme.

    to start things off, this would be an excellent place to put the Empire of Mali, which while generally having it's heyday later than the knights that are starting off the line (13th and 14th century, instead of 12th-13th) still falls into the rough timeframe, and the forces could easily be used to represent the earlier Ghana empire.

    the figures would also just looks amazing, with very unique stylings.

    the channel Invicta recently released a video about the Cavalry forces of the Empire of Mali, which should give a start for such.

  • I posted about this in the Facebook group, Mali would be so unique and amazing.

    To actually contribute to this post I think it would be great to include Billmen/polearm men. Having a regular infantry box with just two handed weapons would be great. The box could have pikes and bardiches and bills and the rest 

  • I know it may not be as "accurate" as some would like, but I would love a Holy Symbol Cart, something akin to the Great Cross used in Total War: Medieval 2. May be more Digital, but it would make for an epic center of an army. 

    I'd also be keen on any large and ornate options for banners, again in digital most likely

  • you mean a Carroccio?



    Reconstruction of a Carroccio made in 2015

  • Yes, I just didn't know the name, Thank you! 

  • it's the right period, so could see it as a Digital release, i suspect it's too niche to see much plastic sales.

    looking around the italian states largely used gear similar tothe Normans that have already been released, though i'm sure there are auxilary and support infantry types with unique styles.



  • @Mithril2098 talking about Italy, making a box of pavise crossbowmen would be great. Or at least a plastic box of crossbowmen and a digital set with pavises and accurate helmets 

  • @Mithril2098 I don't know, the  carroccio is something that would be useful for fantasy gaming too, so... Maybe voxatlantic?

    Empire of Mali would be great, so would the Mongol's varous enemy/subject states in Asia (India, Veitnam, Sillia, etc.). So to would the Samurai of the timeframe.

    @Big Boi Peasents would be good too.

  • I think that billmen, pikemen, crossbowmen, handgunners and fully armored men-at-arms with polearms are already covered elsewhere.

    I actually feel the need of more variations for the late XIV century common soldier, when not fighting in formation.

    Transitional armor, brigandine armor, steel hats, barbutes, open bascinets, maces, falchions, hammers, messers, pointed axes.

    More the likes of the guards in Kingdom Come Deliverance video game, just to give a reference.

    I don't think there is any kit on the market like this.


  • i don't know about handgunners.. those tend to be from later than the periods the baron's war ruleset focuses on. (which is the game those sets were designed around) but i agree that we'll probably see billmen/pikemen/polearms (in whatever combination.. there is a fair bit of overlap there as far as potential sets), crossbowmen, and mounted knights. perhaps handgunners as an alt-build for crossbowmen?

    but that would be maybe 3-4 sets, so i'd guess that the 5th set coming might be something for the Outremer portion, or somethign that could crossover. armed monks perhaps?

  • @Mithril2098 the exact introduction of guns to european warfare is somewhat debatable, but yeah 1200's is a tad early though they did seem to exist in China at that point and Firelances may have made it across the desert steppe.

    Outremer would be good.

  • These guys look fun! 

  • I would love to see Mongol heavy horsemen mounted on fully barded steeds and as pointed out by Brian their enemies, especially the Vietnamese.

  • @Hudson Adams i feel the two on the right are close enough to the late Romans set that you could probably just do a head and shield swap. though getting a proper byzantine kit could be interesting.

  • @Brendan Flynn As someone who lives near little Saigon, yes Mongol invasion Vietnamese would be awesome, though I feel the Trịnh–Nguyễn Civil War of the 17th century would be a meater wargame topic from that nation's history.

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