My Death Fields Skirmish Circuit Team

  • Itroducing: The Merchants of Mayhem! Rookies in this season's Death Fields skirmish circuit. The Merchants of Mayhem are owned and operated by Gee-Yan Callo of Gee-Yan Callo's Used Transporation Conveyance Modules, located just off highway ZX345.76 next to the geothermal power plant. And remember, if you hit the uranium enrichment facility, you've gone too far!

    I had a thought and just had to make it. This is my "kill team" inspired squad using One Page Rules: Grimdark Firefight as a guide.

    Les Grognard as company leader with power fist, Raumsjager as Storm Leader and Storm trooper, Einherjar as Speacial weapons, Ooh Rah as Infantry unit, and Cannon Fodder as Conscript unit. 

    Please forgive the terrible photography, and lighting, and basing...

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