Faction Heroes

  • So I think it would be awesome to get single sprue packs of heroes. Death Fields is my favorite product line so I'll make references and everything for that specifically but this really works across all product lines imo. Imagine getting a singular highly detailed mini with lots of embellishments and options on a single sprue for a decent price. I'm pretty new to the plastic miniatures hobby but GW is the only place Ive seen do these and as much as I'd like to get some, 35+ dollars for a singular miniature is wayyyy to expensive. 


    Given some of the death field boxes like Einherjar, Les Grognards, and Raumsjagers each sprue is the same with 3 minis with options for weapons and heads for each. And in a 35 dollar box that's like 4.50 per sprue(obviously price to purchase would be adjusted given it's not being bought in bulk among other factors). If these sprue sizes were used for a single mini, the real estate for dramatic poses or awesome extras is huge. I'm talking a Les Grognards colonel with a huge battle standard or an ooh rah bomb disposal engineer with a minigun, or a Raumsjager mid parachute drop blasting away at enemies below, or an Einherjar standing atop the prow of a sinking longship lobbing grenades with akimbo 6 pack GLs. Id totally be willing to spend 10-15 dollars a piece for those. Idk seems pretty reasonable and a huge discount from GW. 

    Sorry if this was a little scattered. I felt I needed to get the idea out asap

  • A one or two figure sprue with lots of extra heads and other options would be a great idea, especially for diehard kitbashers like me. I know that digital would be easier to produce but I want my minis in hard plastic!

  • @Paul Mitting yeah for real. I love kitbashing and making dioramas and Wargames atlantic has been a godsend. And I have a house full of animals and a 6 yr old so getting a resin printer doesn't work for me. And a sprue with lots of variety means there doesn't have to be multiple made for a single faction. And all those delicious extra bits are just the icing on the cake. 

  • Sorry I missed this one! Jordan it's a great idea and something we've been working on. We probably won't debut any characters until 2025 though. 

  • @Hudson Adams oh man oh man this is so exciting! I have been wanting to get singular models in plastic for such a long time. That should be the next Kickstarter, faction characters. I'll back that one too

  • I think we'll just bring them out and skip the crowdfunding though!

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