Cross Compatibility and Upgrade Kits

  • I recently joined the MMF tribe (Yay Centurion!) and it struck me that there's a lot of cross compatibility that would be really cool to see released at 3D print files.

    Specifically I'd love to see upgrade kits for existing ranges in plastic and in 3D print to allow units to be used in different settings.

    WGA did a great job of this with the giant spiders, but there's some that really jumped out at me in particular:

    Samurai - futuristic weapon option arms for the current Digital samurai files. These would allow for a neat unit option along side the already present Death Fields Oni.

    Napoleonics - Creepy and weird heads in general wearing Napoleonic hats and helmets. Would be great for games like Turnip 28.

    The Great War and World Ablaze - Sci-fi and fantasy upgrade kits for weird war settings like the Savage Worlds books and Osprey's (previously mentioned here) A War Transformed.

    Anthropomorphic animal heads - My Rhinomen need some meat for the grinder while they build up for their devastating charges. Cat-people, dog-people, whatever. Especially nice would be if the heads could be cross compatible with multiple ranges. I adore the Raumjaeger bodies, but the high collars limit head compatibility; heads that work with those should work nicely with almost any other model produced!

    Anybody else have ideas for upgrade kit type Digital releases?

  • The plan going forward is to not only release new stuff but also flesh out more and more of the already released digital sets. So opponents to them, additional troop types, and other options like you've listed. So as we go we'll just add more and more. 

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