Wolf questions

  • In my endeavors, I have stumbled across what I am not hesitant to call one of the most beautiful games I have encountered- Firelock 198X. It is a wonderful setting combining fantastical elements with realistic ones, and in the former category are the Lupar of the Ebon Forest. I spotted this werewolf kit and it piqued my curiosity- how in scale are the heads to a regular human? I was thinking of turning these models into a few waykeepers and MTOs, the remainder into Wendigos and Demonic legions, and use the leftover heads to make territorials. But of course, that last part requires them fitting onto existing WGA forces- particularly one of the British World War kits.

    Long story short, how big are werewolf heads and how do they fit onto smaller bodies? Scale pics are helpful if you don't have spare heads to dryfit.

    https://firelock-team.itch.io/firelock-198x-09-public Here's firelock, check it out when you can!

  • @Estoc Bit too early to ask with regards to the plastic kit which gets shipped out in July and I am pretty sure one can modify STLs to any size, so that may not be helpful.

  • @Brian Van De Walker I appear to have made an error. But uh, get back to me in june? Or if official scale images exist

  • @Estoc the planned ship out is the week of July 7th in the US (next month), you can see the date on the pre-order page, have  patience.

  • Another error. July. I meant july, not june. I am really out of it, wow.

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