Guide to which arms fit on to the shields and how ?

  • I was looking at the sprue and I understand how the left and right arms match up with the letters for the 2 handed weapons. However what does confused me on the spure is the remaining left arms. I wanted to have models with all one handed weapons and shields but i dont get which left arms to use and how they attached to the shield in the correct way ?

  • you'll see where to glue the hand to the shields by looking at the back of the shields. 

  • On the back of the shield you have a hole and on 4 of the bodies you have an left arm attached which have bump to slot in the shield.

    That seems logical but you have a number of bodies without an arm attached. You have to glue a seperate arms on each side. I dont see any spare left arms with a bump most dont have a hand so I dont get how to use the shields with those ones ?

  • For posterity, I'm sure this is about the Foot Knights set (as the only set in this range at this moment), and if so:

    I'm pretty sure the back of any knight's spare left fist would attach at the "X" -shaped straps on the inside of the shield, While any straight "I" -shaped straps would lay under the forearm.

    Having seen a number of similar kits now, I'd suggest that it's not usually "rocket surgery"on the fist for this sort of thing:  the shields are interchangeable with any of the loose left arms (especially those with fists instead of open hands). the shields hide most of the arm any way (most competing kits have fairly rudimentary arms!), and the shelds can just glue onto the arms with no special fit (there are rarely any  particular tabs or slots or anything to fit shields to arms in these sorts of kits.)

    With this kit (and other Wargames Atlantic sets with shields), you're in somewhat better shape than you would be with other manufacturers (Oathmark and Frostgrave comes to mind), in that the nice detail on the loose left arms means that you don't need to hide any crude, strange-looking arms behind shields (the arms pre-attached to torsoes are a different story!), and so you are free to leave sheilds off of the some of the figures if you like, or mount the shields on their backs, or whatever else you like, and you're also free to swap the kite shields included with the knights for a different style (I'm sure some round shields would look great on these guys, for use in fantasy games at least!)

    Those arms that are molded onto the bodies do look just strange enough that I think I'd want to hide them behind shields, though!  (YMMV)

    Anyway, no bump needed for those loose arms to fit into the shields - you can glue the shields onto these arms however they look best to you, but I'm pretty sure the X-shaped straps are technically where the hand would hold the shield, and the I-shaped straps are the ones that would cross the fore-arms.

    Here's a reference image that might help you a bit with the placement:

  • @Redscope Minis those are mostly for the two-handed weapons. There is a plain left arm to achieve this and there is also D2 which you can just cut the ax away from and use in that slot if you want more sword/shield guys. Or use one of the handless left arms no one will see it behind the shield anyway!

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