The Damned Vehicle teaser

  • so about two weeks ago WGA posted a teaser of the Damned vehicle kit on the dakkadakka forums News and updates area, in the WGA thread. as it was stated to be a dakka exclusive sneak peak, i didn't share it right away. but i've not seen it here or on the FB pages yet, and i figure after two weeks was plenty, especialyl given the thread was public and anyone could see it if they went there.

    so this is the teaser they posted first:


    followed shortly after by someone posting a pic that came from the backers updates for the crowdfunding, with the following copy-pasted:

    Well here's a few pictures and updates for you all!
    Just under a year has passed since the end of the live campaign. I know this because Facebook tells me every day! With that milestone I am pleased to say that every single set is in production in one form or other.

    Let me get right to the production update.

    Heavy Weapons/Weapons Teams have had a slight change overall. In order to fit all of the weapon option onto the frame we have had to split the crew out onto a separate crew only frame. Essentially that means we get more weapon options overall without having to make any cuts. We are also planning to use the same crew frame for the Artillery pieces meaning we will have more space available on that frame for all the parts we want to include there.

    That means the Artillery have moved up the production schedule and will be tooled at the same time as the Heavy Weapons.

    Female Infantry are in file prep and will also be in tooling shortly. Brutes are headed to file prep.

    Now, let's take a look at some of the new box art we've received from Mark Stacey. Here you have it! The .........................! Okay, we've decided as it's a new vehicle we need a new name. Let us know your suggestions in the comments below. We will pick our favourites and run a poll next week to choose the name.

    I will endeavour to get you more shots of the vehicle. In the meantime below you can see a number of the parts as they are being cut up and prepared for layout and tooling. And with that, every single set is now ready for production or finished or at some stage to completion!

    Thank you again for all your support and feedback throughout this campaign. We love hearing from you and really appreciate your engagement in what has been our biggest undertaking to date!

    Best wishes and happy weekend to you all,

  • myself i rather like the design, with one big exception. i feel the flamethrower in the bow casemate is far too long, and the way it projects out makes the design feel 'off' to me.

    i figure if they could cut 70% of the length off, and it would still be recognizable as a flamethrower, while makign the vehivle look a lot less odd. after all, you don't really need a very long barrel for a flamer thrower, as the Sherman and Chirchill crocodile tanks illustrated.


    one dakkadakka poster commented that the minigun had some odd design stuff:

    The tire tread pattern seems very difficult to cast (like four pieces for each wheel) but still looks fairly awful. A two-part pattern of simple blocks with a zig-zag cut along the centre would have been fine.
    Machine-gun mount doesn't seem to offer much flexibility. Would rather see a proper rail mount.
    Machine gun looks pretty goofy. Ammunition feed and ejection port on the same side is a bit weird. No sights. Barrels seem to be half-rotated if the chamber is at the top; I don't think gatling-gun barrels tend to stop in that position, but I'm far from an expert. 

    another poster wrote:

    gatling style would have each barrel their own chamber and the only alignment would be with the feeding system which can be anywhere (in this case at the bottom) 

    Personally i think the barrel issue with the gatling could be resolved by using a three barrel gatling like the GAU-19, instead of the six barrel. especially if you keep the GAU-19's muzzle flashhider. a tribarrel would probably be simplier to sculpt and cast in palstic i'd imagine as wel, since the barrel assembly could be a single peice instead of a two-piece the way that current render has it.


  • @Mithril2098 by "two weeks" do you mean yesterday? 🙄

  • ah crud. i must have read the date wrong. (and my own sense of time been a little wonky since summer started, so it sure felt like a long time)


    now i feel like an idiot

  • @Mithril2098 GAU-19 style would be cool, but I get the feeling the real issue is the gun handle.

  • @Mithril2098 The GAU-19 looks cool! Though I can see why WGA went for the 6 barrel since that is the more famous gatling gun in pop culture.

    My thoughts on it are..... mixed. I can see it working as a Chimera proxy, but I'm not completely sure on what the rest of the stuff would even represent. I'm going off from a 40k angle, they can do more creative vehicle ideas away from 40k, but it would be nice to get an idea of what the final product would be like.

    I do have some concerns as to what might be going on with the heavy weapons team. Heck, even the general design of the Damned is looking weird. Less post-apopcalyptic and more generic. Sure it would work for more generic sci-fi armies, but these squads were advertised as part of the damned.

  • @Mithril2098 ha don't worry about it! 

  • @Charles Tottington I am going be honest as soon as I saw the redesigns and compared them with the older STLs, I kinda of thought they lost some of the post apoc vibs they had for military uniformity which I agree isn't exactly for the best as far as apoc gaming goes. At least they ditched the clean helmets.

    Them doing that with artillery and Heavy Weapons is okay I guess if they are going to reuse the same sprues for other teams though I think they should have any cool faction parts on the crew sprues and keep selling the STLs for more team iconic heavy weapons from here on out.

    That said of the things that could be clean the vehicle should be that way since they are probably going to use it for a ton of the other teams at this point. Heck if someone was wanting to start a vehicle heavy Ooh-Rah, Raumjager, Cannon Fodder or Grognard army this plus the free sprues would be a way to do it.

  • @Brian Van De Walker Yeah, given how loaded my free sprues list is with stuff I'm probably going to take forever building, I might just replace most of my ordered boxes with vehicles to run them for both the damned and generic armies. I just need to figure out how many sprues each damned box is.

  • i wasn't in the KS, but i'll probably pick up a few. not sure if i'll ever run an army that needs them, but they'll make good terrain and objectives for skirmish games.


    hopefully there will be a gun cupola/mini-turret option as an alternative to the pintle mount.

    or maybe an option for a Remote operated turret.


  • @Charles Tottington Yeah, thats actually my recommend to anyone looking to late pledge who are not sure what to get, go with the vehicles for the boxes and use those free sprues, its the max value and you can always sell the spare trucks if you don't want them.

    @Mithril2098 Its still not too late back and suggest it if they have space.

  • @Brian Van De Walker just don't have the money. once out oin the market i can grab a box at a time, but i'm afraid my budget gets to be be fairly tight. especfially this time of year.

  • @Mithril2098 I am not going to try to push you on it, but it is likely going to be open for awhile (till late summer/early fall at least if not mid-fall) and the vehicles are likely going to cost  $44.00+ a pop once on the market witrhout shipping, for the $99.00 pledge you can get 3 for $33 each.

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