Conquistadors and Aztecs

  • I'm really excited for these sets as I have a set of home brew rules and having the aztecs in plastic help greatly in creating figures for some of the other meso American City-States

  • its going to be a whole new world for my painting plans.

  • I've been planning Italian wars games with friends for years now and have been anxiously waiting for these conquistadors to make rodeleros and arquebuseros. 


    Also I've been looking for mesoamerican models for years. I'm just so happy this set is going to exist

  • Looking forward to plastic Aztec's so much. Can't wait to get started. 

  • I'm extremely happy with how the kits came out. The research, especially on the Aztecs, was a very fun project.

    I also can't wait to get these in stock for my webstore. they look like they are going to be an exceptional seller.

  • @Lord Marcus  

    Awesome to see you on here.  I was perusing your web store just last week.  Your WW1 WGA Conversion Bundles are really cool.  The desert skeletons as well.

  • I too have been eagerly awaiting plastic Aztecs to expand my army and the Spaniards to test their metal.  The two armies fully painted should make for extremely attractive and explosively colourful game boards.

    The most vibrant and eye catching army I have ever come across was an Aztec army I saw in London around 35 years ago, in a game shop.  I did a double take after entering the shop and examined them really closely before realising they were the same Aztec miniatures I bought in Oz a few years before travelling around the world.  It was nice to know that with careful painting and a wide palette of primary and secondary colours my Aztecs would look marvelous.

    My Aztecs have grown from the original 250 miniatures to nearly four hundred and now plastics have arrived I can really go to town.  I am so looking forward to adding another hundred or so Aztecs and building a Spanish army to be their opponents.

    Thanks Wargames Atlantic you guys are fast becoming the first port of call for my miniature shopping.

  • Has anyone recieved their Conquistadors yet? Perhaps across the pond? 

    Haven't been despatched yet to the U.K I don't think, the release schedule says Feb though so might be soonish. 

    I'm. So. Excited. 

  • @Kinjack I have not. But I am waiting anxiously. 

  • Snapped a picture of some inspiration at the local zoo:

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